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"At AIRS we believe that there is an immediate need for knowledge professionals to learn the latest skills in searching for most relevant and reliable information from the electronic media - mainly the Internet" - [President AIRS]

Solving the Issues of
Information Overload
on the Internet

Who We Are? and What We Do?

AIRS is an association formed by the research professionals with a strong realization that digitized information growth is huge and evolving continuously - And, its retrieval is a great challenge for a researcher. Today, most research is done on the Internet, but, finding the relevant and reliable information from among billions of records requires specialized skill. We have focused our efforts in educating, promoting and nurturing a collaborative environment for research professionals that use Internet as a primary research tool. AIRS offer the following programs to support its initiative.

Members Collaboration and Networking

Information Resource Collections & Directories

Knowledge Share of Articles, Blogs, Videos and More..

Education, Training & Certifications

Online Research Profession Promotion

Research Jobs Portal & Referrals

AIRS Membership & Members Community

AIRS Membership

AIRS membership signifies that you are dedicated towards your profession as an online researcher. It entitles you to connect with your fellow peers in the profession and gives the many privileges of membership, including discounts, information access, jobs portal and many up to date education material from AIRS. The members can enjoy free content and research papers that are added throughout the year.

Members Entitlements

  • Access to Members Directory
  • Free Use of Research Jobs Portal
  • Participation in Forums & Group Chats
  • Contribute and View Articles, Blogs, Videos
  • View Lists of 1500 PLUS Specialized Search Engines, 100's of Research Papers and Over 10,000 Link Library of Web Directories.
  • Members Discounts on E-Shop Products, Education Material, Webinars, Seminars, Live Classes, Examination Vouchers

Certifications, Training and Education

Professional Certifications

Professional researchers owe it to themselves to seek structured certification programs and stay in touch as new materials and tools that are available to transform research problems from very difficult or impossible to quick and simple tasks. At AIRS we have developed a CIRS® certification (Certified Internet Research Specialists) with the objective to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group of people involved in online research work.

Training & Education

Performing an online research is a learned skill that requires specialized training and industry recognition of a full-time profession. At AIRS® we have developed a comprehensive education and training program that leads towards certification in the field of Online Research. Our courses and examination are crafted to address this new and dynamic job description of "Internet Research Specialist". Our training is a mix of Online Classes, Webinars, Education Seminars and Self-Study Education Material.

AIRS Knowledge Network & Information Resources


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