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About Us

Most effective unified association that strengthens and promotes value, integrity, education, science and art of internet search.

AIRS Association is a non-profit professional body registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. AIRS is a self-regulatory Association formed under the Charter of Associations granted by the Government of Canada. 

Our mission

Our Mission

Provide unified platform by creating a community of Internet Research Professionals and Establish scientific methods and structured plans to assist, educate, develop internet search skills...

Our vision

Our Vision

At AIRS we understand the dire need to establish a unified platform that is focused to promote, educate and regulate internet based search and research industry in an “information overload” era.

Certified Internet Research Specialists (CIRS)

“The First of its kind, a Gold Standard Certification for Practitioners of Online Research”

Our Best Services

We like to share informational content that has been aggregated from various sources and from the contribution of our members and our own in-house staff. This information data includes, AIRS Members Forums, Blogs, a Collection of Videos, Articles, Search Engines List,  Research Papers and Latest Industry News. 


Sharing information is essential in advancing the collective understanding and knowledge of a subject. AIRS invite subject...

Specialized Directories

We have accumulated freely available videos from all across the internet and aggregated them for your convenience...


View blogs contributed by our experts panel and other members donated blogs. Write comments and contribute your thoughts...


We have accumulated freely available videos from all across the internet and aggregated them for your convenience...

Search Engines Lists

Over 1500+ Searchable Directories, Search Engines, Archives and Portals All links are tested for being LIVE and working....

Books & Journals

At AIRS we find and sometimes review books of interest to the profession of online search and research....

Research Papers

We have gathered a huge list of various types of educational material, research papers, notes, discussions...

Events Calender

Viewers can browse through AIRS exclusive forum while the members can also exchange ideas, thoughts, point out issues....

Everything You Want to Learn is Here

This is where the learning starts for professional online researchers....

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Explore Opportunity

Internet researchers can work as Independent Research Consultants or with individuals or companies to gather, synthesize and present research on a variety of topics. The Internet has brought numerous opportunities to those research specialists that have learned the skills of Internet Research. AIRS brings you these opportunities.

  • Education and Learning Programs
  • Networking and Information Sharing
  • Read Industry News, Blogs, Articles 
  • Information Collection - Directories, Research Papers
  • Job Opportunities and Research Referrals
  • Prestigious Memberships and Benefit Programs
exchange research ideas

Exchange Ideas & Insight

Share knowledge with other members - Enjoy reading latest research industry related content that has been aggregated from various sources and from the contribution of our members. 

  • Create Chat Groups & Start Instant Communication
  • Discuss Topics on Forum - Get Answer to Questions
  • Share Knowledge & Insight with Other Researchers
  • Connect with Other Research Specialists Globally
  • Discuss Research Problems and Approach to Research
  • Introduce Innovations in Online Research Technology
learning material

Learning Material

We support as necessary, to take responsibility for producing high-quality and inclusive resources to support Internet-related content research learning. These may include presentations, handouts, bibliographies, research problem-sheets, search engines and online research techniques, and/or online and digital resources.

  • Daily Newspaper for Subscribers
  • Bi-weekly Educational Material Releases
  • Updated Weekly Lists of Search Engines
  • Over 10,000 Listed Directories of Links
  • Collection of YouTube Educational Videos
  • Over 2500 Internet Research Related Books 
research tools

Research Tools

Learn about digital tools that are designed to help researchers explore the millions of research data available online, Find out about Specialized Search Engines. Explore Knowledge Management Software and Tools. 

  • Mind Mapping Software
  • Link Organization Software
  • File Folders Management Software
  • Email Management Software
  • Content Management Applications
  • Online Collaborative Working Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Reference Manager Software for Researchers

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of Modern Internet Research Specialists...

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Association of Internet Research Specialists is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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