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Airs Association Objectives

Association's Objectives

To be the single most effective unified association that strengthens and promotes value, integrity, education, science and art of internet search for the Internet Research Specialists.”

About Airs Association

About AIRS Association

AIRS Association is a non-profit professional body registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. AIRS is a self-regulatory Association formed under the Charter of Associations granted by the Government of Canada. AIRS works primarily for the benefits of its members and promotes profession through recognition, education and certification.

At AIRS we understand the dire need to establish a unified platform that is focused to promote, educate and regulate internet based search and research industry in an “information overload” era.

An Internet Research Specialist is defined by AIRS as “A practitioner of using Internet accessed information, free or paid, subscribed or not, that is available through browsing of the World Wide Web and the ability of using the information in a timely and meaningful way to reach research objectives.”

A qualified Internet Research Professional (IRP) is expected to identify problem, make reasonable assumptions, find information, tabulate data and identify qualitative and quantitative aspects of it - They make meaningful presentations and derive inferences as a result of their research while using Internet as a primary information retrieval tool.

Airs Objectives


  • Provide unified platform by creating a community of Internet Research Professionals.
  • Establish scientific methods and structured plans to assist, educate, develop internet search skills.
  • Provide guidelines for “best practices in Internet based search and research” industry.
  • Establish code of ethics and standards for Internet Content Search.
  • Create and maintain a database repository of information obtained through AIRS community participation, research, opinions and information professionals.
  • Create a forum for discussions on the subject of Internet based information research.
  • Create structured courses, programs, seminars and certifications to educate and promote excellence in educating Internet Research
  • Become specialists in Internet search technologies and trends.
  • Establish a prestigious job market for Internet research specialists.
  • Create communities, forums and blogs for Internet search interest groups and individuals.
  • Generally assist information professionals in internet based knowledge procurement and management techniques and trends.
  • Monitor quality of search results obtained from vendor specific search engines.
  • Lobby against information vandalism, intentional biased information and interest group specific information and data that is misleading and compromising Internet searched data integrity.
  • Promote, interpret and advise on internet code of ethics, privacy and copyright laws as they apply towards internet based information access, exchange and use.
  • To work closely with other similar organizations, institutions, associations and professional bodies that are directly or indirectly of benefit to our overall objectives and mission.

Airs Philosophy


  • We are facing an “Information overload” situation today where mass of information is being digitized and stored in server’s worldwide. In essence more information is being dumped in electronic files than the human beings can organize and therefore access. Most of it is not indexed, date stamped or available as we are used to finding in well organized libraries. Good news is that Internet search engines are available to reach these widely scattered information repositories. However, finding the right information in its true context is still a problem.
  • As the Internet grows in size, search engines fill the need for getting some simple information such as finding a company’s website address. Yet using the internet to dig deeper for answers to more specific and detailed questions can be a frustrating experience. One can easily spend hours surfing and exploring tangents, while not getting the answer needed.
  • This will help make a stronger community of knowledge seekers that will collectively address the Internet search issues. AIRS will also create a stronger presence for Internet based knowledge industry that has so far been a cottage industry with a low impact value.



  • A serious Internet research is a skill and is not a do-it-yourself proposition even for the highly paid, educated knowledge workers since they usually are not trained in Internet search skills. Throwing more technology at the problem is not the answer. Taking advantage of human beings trained in specialized search skills – the ultimate intelligent agent – is what is required.
  • There is a specific need for Internet Research Specialists to learn techniques and gain proficiencies in searching relevant, reliable and accurate information on electronic media, mainly the Internet. Also important is that Internet Research Specialists coordinate and communicate more with each other to exchange information, share knowledge and present creative information through a single platform like AIRS.

We would encourage comments, suggestions and tips from the viewers to help us build a stronger AIRS that reflects your views and addresses Internet search industry specific issues.

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