Advertising Opportunities

AIRS offers many different advertising options.

For maximum branding and reaching Research across the site we recommend Display Ads. If you are advertising a Business Opportunity, use our Classified and Business Text Advertising.


  • The leading online site for research
  • Features comprehensive content and business information on working from home
  • Active community of members sharing ideas and networking
  • Highly engaged users, averaging nearly 8 pages and almost 10 minutes on the site per visit

AIRS Monthly Traffic [Average 450,000-600,000 Hits/Month] 


Display Advertising


Ad Sizes

  • 720x90 Banner [Gold, US$ 500 Monthly]
  • 300x250 Rectangle [Gold, US$ 400 Monthly]
  • 240x400 Rectangle [Gold, US$ 350 Monthly]
  • 240x240 Square [Gold, US$ 300 Monthly]
  • 240x120 Rectangle [Silver, US$ 250 Monthly]
  • 240x60 Rectangle [Silver, US$ 150 Monthly]
  • 468x60 Rectangular Small Banner [Silver, US$ 250 Monthly]
  • 234x60 Mini Banner [Silver, US$ 150 Monthly]
  • 720x60 Long Banner [Silver, US$ 250 Monthly]
  • 468x60 Small Banner [Bronze, US$ 150 Monthly]
  • 250x60 Small Rectangle [Bronze, US$ 75 Monthly]
  • 234x30 Small Rectangle [Bronze, US$ 50 Monthly]
  • 334x30 Small Banner Rectangle [Bronze, US$ 60 Monthly]
  • Rich media ad units are accepted.

Please for more information about display advertising rates, banner positions, and availability.

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Customized Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

For larger media buys across the site or more direct interaction with our community, let us customize a marketing campaign for you.

We can help you develop creative ways to market your products and services to the most concentrated community of work-at-home moms. From specialized display advertising packages to forum sponsorship, we will meet your marketing needs.

We look forward to building a customized package that fits your budget and need.