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10 best Android apps for power users


Android phones come with a lot of handy apps out of the box, but that’s just the start. With the right apps you can may your phone faster and better. You can also start making changes to customize the device to your liking and really get into the nitty gritty of customizing. For that, you’ll need the right apps. Here are 10 essential apps for the Android power user to get you started.


If you need to know what's going on inside your device, System Monitor is the way to do it. This app has live graphs of CPU activity, storage, network activity, and battery usage. It even has floating monitors and widgets to keep an eye on things. There's a free trial and a full version that $3.99.


If you've ever wanted you phone to do something on its own, Tasker is what you need. This app has a steep learning curve, but you can automate actions like placing calls, changing system settings, modifying files, and more than 200 more.

These can be triggered based on time, location, charge state, and dozens of other things. The learning curve is steep, but Tasker is incredibly powerful. It'll cost you $2.99.


There are numerous cloud storage providers, and you may very well have files in more than one. Unclouded offers a way to easily manage all of them in a single app. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, BOX, and MEGA. Just log into your accounts and all your files are accessible. It's free to try and costs $3.29 to unlock permanently.


Tinkering with Android means you'll need a good file explorer, and there isn't a more powerful one than Root Explorer. As the name implies, it has specific features for rooted users, but you can use it as a regular user-space file explorer if you're not running a rooted device. It costs $3.99, but it's a worthwhile investment.


The stock home screen on your Android device is probably fine, but it's guaranteed to be lacking in features. The most powerful home screen replacement for Android is Nova Launcher -- it has gestures, custom icons, better control over the grid layout, and much more.


You can test it for free, but all the features require a $4.99 upgrade.


Android's "open with" dialog lets you choose the app you want to use when opening a particular link, but it's annoying to tap every single time. Setting defaults means you can't pick at all, though. Better Open With gives you a nice middle ground. By setting this as the default, it can show you a quick list of options, then it'll go ahead and complete an action with your chosen app if you don't make a different selection. It's clever and totally free.


AirDroid runs a server on your phone that can be accessed by a desktop web browser. This gives you full remote access to your device for phone calls, messaging, notifications, and even data backups. It looks like a desktop operating system,

but it's running on your phone. It's free to try, but some features like large file transfers and remote camera access are restricted to the monthly $2 subscription plan.


Most web browsers on Android take up the whole screen, but not Flynx. This app lets you load links in the background as bubbles, then you can tap to open a pop-up view. It also supports multiple bubbles at the same time. Flynx is free and very useful.


IFTTT connects your device to the world of connected things. It lets you create event triggers based on all sorts of variables like your device's location, the time of day, or a myriad of events on other connected devices. It supports products like Hue lights,


Google Assistant, and Google Drive. You can think of it a little like Tasker, but less for your device specifically. It's free.


Pushbullet is one of my most used apps. This app and the associated online service lets you push text, links, and files between your devices (Android, iOS, and desktops). It also mirrors notifications on your desktop and gives you full access to SMS at your computer or tablet. Most of the features are free, but if you want unlimited file transfers or desktop SMS, you'll need the monthly $5 subscription. It's spendy for an app, but Pushbullet is so, so useful.

Author : Ryan Whitwam

Source : https://www.extremetech.com/mobile/243535-10-essential-android-apps-power-users

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