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15 Must-Have Apps That Will Make Your Life More Convenient


We live in a time where there is a need for speed. An average person performs multiple tasks during each day besides their regular work. We organize our time as best as we can to do as much as possible. Still, efficiency is the key. Luckily, with modern technological advancements we can get the information we need almost instantly, and while on the go.

Just about everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and these devices have become one of our best friends over a short period of time. Some might argue that there is a huge downside to this and that people are becoming anti-social because of their modern gadgets. That may be true, but it all depends on the individual and how he or she plans on using the latest technological advancements.

Amongst other things, smartphones have thousands of apps coming out each month. If used properly, these apps can improve your life significantly and help you do regular activities more efficiently, and here is how.

1. Pocket Yoga


The name of this app is self-explanatory. It’s an app that brings yoga to your phone. It has many yoga exercises to choose from, depending on the difficulty, duration, or simply the exercises you feel like doing. No matter how much time you have for your yoga session or the your skill level required for performing these exercises, with Pocket Yoga you can find what you need. Instant pocket Yoga, simple as that. The app is free.

2. Dreamdays


Dreamdays is an app that allows you to count down days to a designated date. While doing so you can sort all of your countdowns by time and categories. Each of the countdowns created are customizable, and you can add recorded voice memos, personal background or any other emotions that relate to the event you are counting down to. Furthermore, you can use the app to share your feelings, or delights about that event on Twitter or Facebook. The cost of the app is 0.99 dollars.

3. Smart Alarm Clock

This app is a crafty tool that analyzes and records your sleeping patterns and wakes you up at the ideal moment once your body has received its rest. It uses the accelerometers, geometers and smart algorithms of your smartphone to detect and monitor your movements while you are asleep. Based on the collected data it can determine in which stage of sleep you are in, and the alarm will go off in the most natural to allow you to wake up easily. This is a great app for business people that are on a tight schedule and have trouble getting enough sleep. The Smart Alarm Clock price is $ 1.99.

4. DailyBurn

If you don’t want to pay for expensive monthly subscriptions at the gym, or simply don’t have enough time to go to the gym, you will find that DailyBurn is just the right choice for you. DailyBurn has a huge database of professional HD training videos for yoga, strength training, beginner workouts, dance lessons, cardio training etc. The need for an instructor is completely removed with DailyBurn and you can definitively find training videos that can suit your needs, whether you’re looking for long work-outs or short training sessions, and it is completely free.

5. OpenTable


There is absolutely nothing more annoying than having to wait for weeks to get a table at some fancy restaurant you like. If you want to avoid this whole process get an OpenTable app! Convenience is what this app is all about and with just a few clicks you can get access to reservations in over twenty thousand restaurants located in United States, Mexico and Canada.

Whenever a reservation opens up you can quickly sign up for that place, without having to call anyone or wait in lines. The app also allows you to share reservations on social networks or invite friends to join you. OpenTable is free.

6. Ellucian Go

This is an app college students will find really useful. It has access to a database of almost all colleges in the entire United States. It updates users about the recent events on your college, homework, grades, schedules and other things. All available in one convenient place. This I a great app for students that study long way from home and they can easily get updated when they are visiting their parents. The app is free.

7. Lumosity Mobile


If you like challenging your brain all the time, then Lumosity Mobile is the right thing for you. This app creates training programs that train your brain. It was designed by expert neuroscientists to help users train attention, memory, logic and a lot more. If you like your mind to stay ahead of the curve then you will have fun playing Lumosity games. It’s a free to use app.

8. Health Mate

Health mate is your health’s, well, mate. Using the sensors in your smartphone this app tracks and monitors your everyday hearth rate and activity. It measures how active you have been during the day and tells you how much stress you’ve put on your heart. If you find that you are not as active as you would like to be, you can set goals using this app to ensure that you stay active throughout the day. And the best thing is that it is free to use.

9. Paperless

For people who like creating and using lists this app is something they’ve waited for a long time. This app allows you to create literally anything in your list. It’s a quite simple, but powerful tool that allows you to do anything from creating your grocery list to writing down a starting plan for your vacation. It has a simple, yet beautiful design that has a lot of fun icons you can attach to your lists. The price for this app is $ 2.99.

10. Vallet – Virtual Wallet

This is an app that simulates your virtual wallet. Vallet is a really useful app that looks and acts like a normal wallet, but it as it has many more conveniences. You can keep all of your essentials in one place: business cards, credit cards, ID’s, or, create a unique category that suits your needs. The app comes with a security system that has a passcode you can customize so that nobody else can access your Vallet. Vallet is a free app.

11. Find My iPhone


I encourage all iPhone users to get this app as soon as possible if they don’t have it already. With Find My iPhone you can find your missing phone on a map, lock it remotely, send a message on it, erase everything you have on it, or make it play sounds. We constantly lose our phones, and regardless of whether you’ve lost it somewhere around the house or you dropped it on your way to work, Find My Phone will, in fact, FIND YOUR PHONE. It’s a free app, so make sure you get it.

12. KIK Messenger


KIK is a fairly new messenger app that is growing in users rapidly. What makes it special is that it’s a clutter free messenger app that was enhanced to make up for the shortcomings of its older relatives. It’s a powerful tool that allows quick and easy communication on all of your devices. You don’t need any usernames or numbers to contact people and communicate with them without any distractions or glitches. KIK Messenger is free to use.

13. Mynd

Mynd is an app that transforms your smartphone into your personal assistant. With just one tap, you can join conference calls, propose meetings, coordinate a group of people for meetings, and see the travel time needed to get between all of your scheduled meetings. You can even access LinkedIn automatically to find out who is attending a certain meeting. Managers, HR workers and other people who need to handle a large number of people are likely to fall in love with Mynd. It’s a free app.

14. Mint Personal Finance

Sometimes we forget to check our bank accounts and when we take a look to see how things are doing, we are surprised by what we see. We get carried away and have no clue about how much we are spending and how much money we have left on our account. This is why a lot of people love this app. With it, you can track all of your spending, create bill reminders, make a money-saving plan or create a brand new budget. It can even remind you when your bills are due so that you don’t forget paying them.  It’s a free app.

15. Nice Weather 2


For people who travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, this app is the right thing. It’s a visually appealing app that can help you organize yourself and plan what to wear when going somewhere. If the weather is an important factor to you, then this beautiful app is your best choice.

If you think any of these apps will fit in with your lifestyle and make things more convenient for you, give them a try. They are inexpensive, considering just how much easier they will make your life.

Source : http://www.lifehack.org/

Auhtor : Ivan Dimitrijevic

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