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17 Secret Chrome Tricks That Will Change Everything


It’s not 1995 anymore. You don’t have to live tied to the clunky browser that came pre-installed on your computer. You have complete browser freedom, and on top of that, you can completely customize it to do your bidding, especially if you’re using Google Chrome. 

Chrome perfectly syncs with the digital lives we’ve built around Google products like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Maps, which makes it useful on both desktop and mobile. But, it’s the browser’s plentiful built-in tricks and countless problem-solving extensions that can really save you time — and make the time you do spend online that much more enjoyable. 


Here, we break down Chrome’s productivity and sanity-saving secrets so you can create a wonderfully peaceful and efficient browsing experience.

Productivity Pro

Use Multiple Chrome Profiles
Separate your work and your play by instituting multiple Google profiles in Chrome. Tie one to your on-the-clock hours (especially useful if your office uses Google accounts) and the other to your personal Google log-in. 

Add an account to Chrome by opening Settings and pressing Add Person in the People field. You can toggle between accounts by clicking the button in the top right corner of the browser window, which will list one of your Google accounts as being currently active. Select Switch Person and to swap to your other account. 

Pin Tabs
For a tab you need closer at hand than the bookmarks bar, pin it! Right click on any browser tab and select “Pin Tab.” The pinned tab moves to the far left of the browser with only the icon visible, keeping favorite sites ready for action at a moment’s tap.

Add a Home Button
Just like the old days, you can bring back the Home button for one-click access to your favorite site. In Chrome’s Settings, under Appearance, select Show Home Button. Next to New Tab Page, click Change and input your home URL of choice. Ahem, may we suggest refinery29.com?

Hidden Tools

Search Mail and Docs From the Address Bar
Did you know you can access Gmail missives and Drive planning docs straight from the address bar? Right click in the bar and select Edit Search Engine. In the three areas at the bottom of the menu marked "add fields" type: 

For Google Drive: Drive | drive.google.com 

Now you can search either service by entering drive.google.com+TAB or gmail.com+TAB and entering your keywords. 

Set a Timer
Keep track of cooking times for your dinner or set reminders to stretch every hour with Chrome’s timer tool. In the address bar, type “Set timer for X minutes/seconds.” Don’t worry about staying on that tab, the timer continues as long as the tab is open. 

Use The URL Field As A Calculator
The answer to that budget question your boss just asked? It’s in your search bar. Keep application fiddling at a minimum and calculate every number query thrown at you by typing an equation into Chrome’s URL bar.

Look Sooo S-M-R-T

Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts
Shave valuable seconds off your daily workflow by memorizing some of our most frequently used shortcuts: Reopen all closed tabs by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T (PC) or Command+Shift+T (Mac); bookmark all open tabs Ctrl+Shift+D (PC) or Command+Shift+D (Mac); move to next tab Ctrl+Tab (PC) or Command+Option+Right/Left Arrow (Mac).

Go Full-Out Grammar Snob
Since your copy editor friend isn’t available 24/7, take knowledge into your own hands with the life-changing Grammarly extension. It’s grammar know-it-all, spellcheck extraordinaire, and dictionary all-in-one. Never again will an accidental use of “you’re” instead of “your” defy your smarts.


Sniff Out the Source of Any Image
Uncover the original source of that picture blowing up on Tumblr, or sleuth out the exact location of a gorgeous beach your friend just pinned by adding the Google Search by Image extension to Chrome. Once installed, right click on any image and select “Search Google with this image” to see where else that image appears around the web.

Sanity Savers

Silence Spoilers
You can avoid phone calls and texts, but you can’t avoid a Facebook friend’s season finale spoiler without a little extra armor. For this, you need Unspoiler, which can mute specific hashtags, people, or keywords across Facebook, Twitter, and the web.

Replace Millennial Talk
You may have noticed the world loves to talk about millennials. And, sure, we’re guilty of that too. Find relief from “millennial this” and “millennial that” with Millennials Begone, an extension that swaps all uses of that word with “pesky whipper-snapper.” Take back your generation.

Selectively Mute Tabs
Prevent audio on new tabs from interfering with a perfect Spotify playlist with Chrome’s mute button tab. To activate, enter: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into the URL field. Click Enable under “Enable tab audio muting UI control.” Once Chrome has been restarted, mute any page with sound by clicking on the audio speaker icon that appears on the tab.


Press the Panic Button
A coworker creeps up behind you in the middle of the day when you’re supposed to be preparing for a meeting while you’re instead doing anything but that. Act fast and maintain your workhorse reputation with a click of the Panic Button. The extension hides all your Chrome tabs at once and files them into a bookmarks folder to easily access when the coast is clear.

Just For Fun

Race Dinosaurs Through the Desert
The Chrome life of saving you from your boss or shaving a few extra computing minutes per day is pretty great, but what makes it an absolutely necessary default browser of choice is its hidden dinosaur game. When your Internet is out and you try to visit a webpage, Chrome displays an offline message featuring a cute T-Rex. Tap the spacebar and go! You’re now in an old school-style side-scroller game where it’s dino vs. cacti. Fun, yet also delightfully distracting when all productivity has gone out the window. If the internet’s not out, you can still access the game by turning off your laptop’s WiFi.


De-Trump Your Internet
The next presidential election is more than a year away and it’s already official: we’ve reached peak Trump. If you’re fatigued from Donald Trump’s omnipresence across the Internet, Fusion created The Trumpweb, an extension that adds a ridiculous — and real — Trump quote anywhere his name appears on a webpage. Our current favorite selection: “I promise I will never be in a bicycle race.” Future campaign platform?

Stay Inspired
Meet your daily inspiration quota by making the Momentum extension your new tab replacement. With Momentum, every time a new tab page is opened you’ll be met with a beautiful photo, a daily goal prompt, local weather, and easy access to your to-do list, in one single layout.

Hey Girl
And if the images on a given webpage aren't to your liking, transform them into photos of your favorite boy next door, Ryan Gosling. After you install the Hey Girl extension, just tap the heart icon to the right of the URL field, and you will have Gosling-ified the page. Thank us later.

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