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Best Google Chrome Extensions

Check Out These Top Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the most-used Web browser worldwide, according to Stat Counter. With its swift performance, clean interface and easy syncing with mobile devices, that popularity is easy to understand. But Google's browser also benefits from plenty of useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. Here are the best extensions. Note: Extensions can slow down your browser, so make sure you stick to what you think will be most useful.


Data Saver

Free download

Data compression for more efficient browsing isn't exactly something new, as it's being built in to some browsers like Opera. Now Chrome users can also enjoy bandwidth savings with Google's Data Saver extension, a free Chrome add-on that uses Google's servers to compress website data before sending it's displayed, which can lead to large data savings. Users can look up further details as to how much data they're saving and consuming over time. As a security measure, pages accessed through HTTPS or Chrome's incognito mode are left uncompressed.

Mercury Reader

Free download

Readability may be gone, but that doesn't mean that you can't get clean and easily readable versions of your favorite webpages, articles, and news anymore. Mercury Reader strips out surrounding webpage clutter, formatting, and advertising, for a clean, easily readable view for your comfort, while also including social sharing features and Send to Kindle functionality.

Accompany for Gmail

Free download

We've heaped praise on Accompany for its approach to upgrading your meeting preparations by combining calendar and contact management features. Now you can get those features added straight into Gmail with the Accompany for Gmail Chrome addon. Accompany for Gmail makes sure you're never out of the loop when it comes to important information about the people and companies you correspond with, automatically pulling up bios, social media links, shared connections, recent interactions and professional news.

Gmail Offline

Free download

Gmail Offline is exactly what it says on the tin: an offline tool for users to view the contents of their mail inboxes, as well as type up messages and queue them for delivery the next time there's a network connection. Gmail Offline takes a page from the tablet interface of Google's email client, with a clean two-panel interface and threaded conversations for easy access to your messages and drafts.

Send To Kindle

Free download

Amazon's Kindle devices and reading app are great for reading ebooks, and with a little work, longform articles as well. The Send To Kindle extension for Chrome lets you send entire articles, text snippets, and other web content straight to your Kindle account, where that content gets converted into a clean, reader-friendly format that you can then peruse at your leisure from a Kindle reader or app.



Free download

Link shorteners are an online convenience, making it simpler to deal with clunky URLs. They're also a bit of a security risk, as a shortened link can take you who knows where. Unshorten.link is a Chrome extension that takes you to an in-between page when you click on a shortened link, displaying the URL where the link shortener is redirecting you to, as well as warning you of any known associated malware and tracking cookies.


Free download

Turn Chrome's New Tab Page into a productivity center with Taco, a Chrome extension that pulls your incoming tasks and notifications from more than 40 Web tools and services. Taco works with a variety of services, such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, webmail, Google Tasks and iCloud. Users can then drag and drop to organize the tasks list, mark tasks as done and hide notifications. It's a great way to see everything you need to do in one convenient page.


Free download

For something a bit lighter than the extreme to-do functionality of Taco, check out Momentum. This Chrome extension turns the New Tab Page into your personal dashboard. Fire up that page and Momentum delivers a personalized greeting, an inspirational quote for the day, a to-do widget, weather report and a quick links widget for your favorite websites.


Free download

Where Taco pulls in resources from dozens of web services and tools, Ultidash instead focuses on adding its own suite of productivity tools to Chrome. Ultidash is a New Tab page replacement that adds a to-do list in basic and Eisenhower box forms, as well as a website blocker (for, say, restricting your access to social media or entertainment sites) that's tied to a Pomodoro-style timer. A site tracker shows you how much time you've spent on particular websites over time, while a chart shows your use of the "concentration timer." The package is rounded out with some neat photos and greeting quotes that cycle every hour, as well as a four-day weather forecast.


Free download

Any.do is one of our favorite cross-platform to-do list apps, and the Chrome add-on lets you seamlessly sync your tasks and checklists to and from your mobile devices and your desktop. Users can create new lists and reminders, easily organize with a drag-and-drop interface, add notes, share tasks and more, all from your browser and synced across all your devices.


Strict Workflow

Free download

Viral media sites, social networks and other online pastimes can quickly eat through time that you could be spending on something productive. Strict Workflow is a productivity app that takes inspiration from the popular Pomodoro method by setting up a 25-minute countdown during which the extension automatically blocks known time sinks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once the timer is done, you get a 5-minute break with unlimited access, after which the cycle repeats again. Once you start the countdown, there's no way to shut it off. You can tweak the blacklist or whitelist, as well as configure the duration and other settings.


Free download

Sometimes, the right ambient noise can help calm you down or promote focus and mental clarity. Noisli is a website where you can play preset cocktails of soothing ambient sounds; you can also create your own. The Noisli add-on for Chrome turns the site's ambient noise features into a built-in element of your browser. Users can save their favorite ambient sound mixes on Noisli and then quickly fire them up in the add-on. The extension includes a timer and volume control.

Image result for onetab chrome extension


Free download

OneTab quickly compresses all of your open tabs into a single tab page with links to all of the Web pages you had open, allowing you to flush all of the tabs from your browser, while still allowing you to go back to them for easy reference right after. Users can then restore tabs one at a time or all at once. Users can also easily export their tabs into a list of URLs or a web page for easy sharing.

Image result for tab wrangler chrome extension

Tab Wrangler

Free download

Do you have bad tabbed browsing habits? Do idle tabs suck up all your system's free memory? Tab Wrangler helps keep excess tabs in check by auto-closing idle tabs after a designated time. Users can configure the idle time before Tab Wrangler closes an idle tab, as well as whitelist select tabs that you want the extension to never close. A "Tab Corral" feature temporarily saves closed tabs so that it's easy for users to restore tabs that have been closed.

Image result for Gallery Of Hiver (Chrome) extension


Free download

Hiver is a Chrome extension that turns Gmail into your team's productivity center. It adds a wealth of tools to Gmail such as a Shared Mailbox system (great for managing things like a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address), Shared Labels and Tasks for building a task management system right within Gmail, and an email notes system for adding comments, thoughts and other info in shared email threads. Other tools include a "send later" feature, email templates, message snoozing, contacts sharing, and a collision detection system to show when others are working on the same email/task. A free tier allows sharing of one mailbox and a number of shared labels and notes per month, with premium plans unlocking more features and increased limits.

Image result for mightytext chrome extension


Free download

MightyText brings your Android smartphone and computer closer together, allowing you to sync your SMS messages and notifications from your phone to your desktop. Users can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from their desktop, sync photos and videos and receive low battery notifications for your smartphone. Users will need to install the MightyText app on their phone, as well as on Chrome. 

Image result for Boomerang chrome extension


Free download

Boomerang is a fantastic addition to Gmail's basic functions, allowing users to schedule message sending, set up recurring email messages, and postpone emails. Free users can schedule 10 messages a month, while subscribers gain unlimited message credits and a variety of premium features.

Image result for The Great Suspender chrome extension

The Great Suspender

Tabs in moderation can be a productivity booster, but keeping too many of them open quickly leads to a massive drain in your PC's memory resources. The Great Suspender comes to the rescue by monitoring your open tabs and automatically (or manually) unloading tabs that haven't been used in a while from memory, while retaining the tab's title and favicon on your tab bar. Users can then quickly reload the tab by clicking on the screen.

Image result for Cite This For Me: Web Citer chrome extension 

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

Free download

Properly attributing online articles and research can be a pain for students and writers. Cite This For Me comes to the rescue with a browser extension that allows you to quickly create a properly formatted website citation for the APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard citation styles, which you can easily save or copy to the clipboard for use in your documents.

Image result for TabCloud chrome extension


Free download

TabCloud allows tabbed browsing addicts to easily save and import their open tabs across desktops. Users can save all of their currently open tabs to the cloud, and then open some or all of their saved tabs on another desktop machine at their convenience. Users can view their saved windows, selectively open tabs from particular windows or even drag and drop tabs from one saved window to another.

Image result for VideoStream chrome extension


Free download

VideoStream is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to stream videos from your computer straight to your Chromecast or Android TV without having to mess around with media server software. VideoStream supports subtitles and a wide variety of video formats at full 1080p resolutions. It's a surprisingly capable video player for a browser extension. Premium users can set up playlists and other premium features, and mobile remote apps provide playback controls and library navigation, allowing you to step away from your HTPC or laptop and settle in for a long night of viewing.

Image result for turn off the lights chrome extension

Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The Lights provides you with atmospheric lighting for your online video viewing on Chrome. At its simplest, you can set Turn Off The Lights to automatically dim your window background when using YouTube or other video sites. If you want to get more in-depth, you can customize the add-on to set custom colors to your screen while playing videos, set atmospheric lighting, fade effects and toggle a night mode for an experience that's more akin to a home theater than a run-of-the-mill video site.

Image result for The Camelizer chrome extension

The Camelizer

Free download

Online shoppers might want to check out The Camelizer, an unobtrusive Chrome add-on that adds product price history information for items displayed in Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg. In addition to viewing pricing trends for any given item, users can also sign up for price drop alerts via email or Twitter.

Image result for Disconnect chrome extension


Free download

Disconnect is a powerful browser add-on for Chrome that allows users to see advertising, analytics and social media tracking cookies, with the option of disabling them globally or selectively. The extension comes with a host of features, including the ability to create whitelists and blacklists of permitted trackers, a visualization tool for listing the trackers on a particular site and an indicator of how much time and bandwidth is saved by blocking trackers and other elements.

Image result for StayFocusd\ chrome extension


Free download

StayFocusd is a godsend for users who fritter away their time instead of working. Users can set themselves a time allowance for particular sites and time-wasters, such as social networks, feed readers or TVTropes, and once you've hit that limit, StayFocusd blocks access. The extension is highly configurable, allowing you to block access to a particular list, restrict access to everything except an approved list or even block access to all websites.

Image result for Honey chrome extension


Free download

Tired of tracking down and saving coupon codes and discounts? Then Honey might just be the Chrome extension for you. Honey automatically finds and tests coupon codes for more than 100 online stores in the US, Canada and the UK. Simply go about your shopping as normal, and on checkout, hit the Find Savings button in order to have Honey track down and attempt to apply coupon codes. Heavy online shoppers will save both time and money with this useful addon.

Image result for AdBlock Plus chrome extension

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most popular adblockers online. ABP features a quick setup, loading preset filter lists that allow users to quickly block most ads, as well as the option to filter malware and social media buttons. Savvy users can chose additional block lists, as well as set custom filters or whitelists. AdBlock Plus allows what it calls "non-intrusive advertising" through filters, which may irk some users, though this can be disabled in settings. Be aware that many ad blockers don't block all ads, and that most websites — including this one — depend on those ads to pay the bills.

Image result for Evernote Web Clipper chrome extension

Evernote Web Clipper

Free download

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking tools available, and its powerful Evernote Web Clipper allows users to quickly and easily save Web content from their Chrome browser straight into their Evernote notebooks. Clip full articles or Web pages, or save more optimized, distraction-free versions. This powerful extension also lets you take screenshots, save as PDF, and mark up content and images.

Image result for Lazarus Form Recovery chrome extension

Lazarus Form Recovery

Free download

We've all been there: a storm knocks out power, or perhaps a pet or child accidentally yanks your PC's power cord. If you were busy working on complex Web forms, you'd think all your work was lost, right? Well, Lazarus Form Recovery comes to the rescue. Lazarus automatically saves form information to your computer as you type, allowing you to safely and easily recover work in the event of a power outage, server timeout, browser crash or whatever else Murphy's Law decides to throw at you.

Image result for Hover Zoom chrome extension

Hover Zoom

Free download

Hover Zoom is a helpful little extension that zooms in on pictures that you hover over. Easily navigate through image galleries by just hovering over a thumbnail to view the full picture. No more messing with new image tabs or loading new pages. Large images are automatically resized to fit your screen.

Image result for HTTPS Everywhere chrome extension

HTTPS Everywhere

Free download

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension produced as part of a collaboration between the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. HTTPS Everywhere helps encrypt your online browsing and communications by rewriting HTTP link requests to HTTPS when within a whitelist of sites that support HTTPS.

Image result for google translate chrome extension

Google Translate

Free download

While Google Translate is already an excellent Web service for translating snippets of text to and from languages, the addition of a Chrome extension allows you to translate entire pages with a toolbar button. The extension automatically detects whether the site you're on uses a different language from your Chrome default, and can offer to translate it automatically. Users can also easily translate snippets of text, as well as listen to the proper pronunciation of translated words and phrases.

Image result for Ghostery chrome extension


Free download

Ghostery is a free browser privacy extension that allows users to quickly and easily detect and block Web trackers designed to tag your movements across the Internet. In addition, Ghostery allows you to look up more information about companies and websites using these tracking methods. The extension also provides links to their privacy policies and opt-out options.


Image result for LastPasschrome extension


Free download

LastPass is an online password manager and Form Filler designed to reduce the headache of managing multiple user accounts and passwords, making your browsing experience easier and more secure. LastPass also includes the ability to import and export passwords from major password storage services such as RoboForm, 1Password and KeePass, as well as Chrome, Firefox and IE's built-in password managers. Best of all, cross-platform and device syncing is now available for free to all users, making LastPass a great deal even on the free tier.

Image result for Web of Trust chrome extension

Web of Trust

Free download

Web of Trust is a crowd-sourced browser add-on that rates websites with a color-coded symbol based on a site's trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. While any reliable Internet security and antivirus suite can protect you against malware, Web of Trust gives you an extra layer of defense by allowing you to gauge a link's reliability based on the experience of other users worldwide.

Image result for Pocket chrome extension


Free download

Pocket allows you to save articles, Web pages, images and videos for your reading or viewing pleasure. Then it syncs everything across numerous devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. There's also a new Pocket Chrome App for viewing saved content on your desktop.

Image result for Click&Clean chrome extension


Free download

Click&Clean is a handy utility that allows you to preserve your surfing privacy by scrubbing away traces of your online traffic in your local system. This includes the ability to scrub your browsing history and cookies, as well as dump your temp file cache. While most of these activities can already be done within Chrome's settings and preferences, Click&Clean puts all of these features in one place, helping you keep hard drive bloat to a minimum while reducing malware risk. This extension is great for the privacy conscious or those sharing a machine.

Image result for Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate chrome extension

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Free download

A must-have for any power surfer, Awesome Screenshot provides the tools that make capturing and annotating portions of Web pages dead easy. Captured screenshots can be saved right to the user's computer or uploaded to awesomescreenshot.com for easy sharing. Record entire Web pages with ease and save images even over the old 2MB limit.

Image result for Google Dictionary chrome extension

Google Dictionary

Free download

What does "schadenfreude" mean again? With the Google Dictionary extension installed, double-click on a word on a Web page, and the definition instantly pops-up. These pop-ups can also translate foreign text into your default language or provide links to more detailed definitions from resources like Wikipedia.

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