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7 awesome apps and hacks to improve office productivity


Whether you are doing a nine-to-five job or running a business, being productive is a must. But with the profusion of technology, information, websites, apps, and work pressure, staying focused and organized is becoming difficult. To put all the right numbers at the right place, one has to dig through messy spreadsheets or log in to different accounts in the search for your data. There are a lot of distractions out there that are all contending for your attention. 


With so many distractions, it is easy to get scattered. Everyone wants to get more done in less time, and luckily we have technology tacked to our hands. Over the last five years, smartphones and tablets has helped the masses with banking, social networks, grocery shopping, dating, and pretty much anything you can think of. And do you know what? They can also help you get productive. 

Here are seven apps that will increase your productivity, help you achieve more, and keep you on tra .. 

1. Wunderlist
Compatibility: Web, iOS and Android 
Cost: Free 
Wunderlist is an amazing app to manage every area of your life. It is free and extremely easy to use. You can make as many separate lists as you want, and file them according to your ease. The reason why Wunderlist stands out from the crowd is because it allows you to access your lists from any device and anywhere. Once you are signed up, any lists you create are saved in the cloud. You can make a list on your desktop at lunchtime and access it in your phone when you get to the supermarket in the evening. How cool is that? 

2. Highrise

Compatibility: Web, iOS and Android 


Cost: Free

Highrise is a CRM app that helps you manage your tasks and goals as well as of your team members effectively. This app integrates well with all of your email accounts and calendars, keeping track of all your proposals and leads. The most amazing feature is the ability to link photos to client's profile as well as any Twitter or LinkedIn accounts they may have - it enables quick and easy grouping of contacts. Although, the basic plan is free; there are paid plans which allows you to add more users, extra contacts to your account and increased storage. 


3. TickTick 
Compatibility: Web, iOS and Android
Cost: Free

TickTick is a cross-platform task management tool that supports repeating tasks, calendar subscription, and shared lists. It provides Gmail integration through which you can easily convert an email into a to-do list with Chrome extension. It allows you to set multi-level priorities for the items in your to-do list and helps you customize notifications so that you can receive reminders to meet deadlines. Another striking feature of TickTick is the knack for sending location-based reminders which can be configured when you leave or arrive at a specific location. 

4. Google Keep 
Compatibility: Web, iOS and Android 
Cost: Free 
Google Keep offers a range of tools for taking notes, including lists, text, audio, and images. It enables you to capture quickly what is on your mind and remind you later when required. Through Keep, you can attach photos to your lists, notes and also record a voice memo that gets transcribed. The most interesting feature of Google Keep is the ability to color code the notes enabling you to organize them effectively. Other features are universal device access, the option to turn photos into text through optical character recognition and native integration with other Google devices. 


5. Buffer 
Compatibility: Web, iOS and Android 
Cost: Free 
Buffer is a smart social media tool 
which helps you share and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn - all from one place. You will get analytics for each update you share: clicks, retweets, likes, shares, repins, mentions and more. Say you found 2 great articles and 5 images you want to share. If you post them in a row, you might flood your followers and friends who are online - and totally miss those who aren't. Instead, add these posts to Buffer and receive great social updates for the next few days. It allows you to customize schedule or 'post now' for specific events or campaigns without worrying about setting a time and date. Just hit "Buffer" and you are all set! 

6. RescueTime 
Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android 
Cost: Free for Lite, Paid for premium 
RescueTime is a time-management app that tracks time spent on applications and websites and gives you an accurate picture of your day. While giving accurate automatic time tracking of your mobile apps, it also reports your voice call time. Each week you will receive a detailed data and report based on your activities spent via the Internet. The most interesting feature of RescueTime is that it enables you to set yourself alerts and goals to manage your digital life. If you are taking a premium plan, then you can block certain websites by choosing an amount of time to focus. It also shows you the history progress and highlight achievements. 


7. Evernote 
Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android 
Cost: Free for Basic, Paid for premium 
Evernote is a to-do list app which helps you stay organized about your personal and professional projects in a daily schedule. It allows you to take notes,create to-do lists, record voice reminders, take pictures, and save things you find online. The coolest feature is the ability to record and take notes at the same time. The app is free, but also has pricing plans. By taking a premium plan, you can have access to more features such as: working offline, added security, creating videos with a full screen layout, and sharing and editing your notes between your team members which makes it easier to work together and collaborate on projects.  
Procrastinating is a tough wall to break. To replace this bad habit, here are some hacks that can really help you to boost your productivity: 

- Set a timetable for your tasks: Set up all your tools, emails, browser tabs, coffee, internet etc. and yes a small break time. 
- Whichever task you are dreading the most is perhaps the one you need to complete at first in the morning. Set a specific time to get the things done in a stipulated time frame. 
- Social media platforms occupy a major part in our everyday lives and at the same time create distractions with our work. Just turn off your phone notifications or you can check these in your break time. 


- Keep your goals in sight all the time especially when you're working. When you see your goals many times throughout the day, your motivation level will be up to get things done effectively. 
- Apply two-minute rule to your life. If any task takes less than two minute, then do it now. This rule gives you a sense of satisfaction as well as fuels your productivity. 
- Set deadlines for your tasks as they are one of the best hacks to get the things done. Setting a finish time helps you do the task more effectively and efficiently. 

Technology in itself is a great cause of distraction, but also a great way to combat those distractions. All in all, use these apps and hacks to manage your time, eliminating distractions, and strengthen your mind against the affinity to procrastinate. 

Source: This article was economictimes.indiatimes.com By SIMAR BEDI

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