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Australian Website Claims to Deliver Drugs Hassle-Free

Recently, an Australian website has emerged where you can buy illegal drugs hassle-free.



Two months after the websites launch, the New South Wales Police Force has launched a full-on inquiry into the matter and claims to have “a number of strategies” in place to help take down the daring drug vendors.

The website is explicit enough about the nature of its drugs and it goes on to mention that its crystal methamphetamine is 99.8% pure. They also offer safe and discreet delivery services typically within 36 hours after the purchase.

Although the website is the most recent, it adds to a steadily growing list of readily accessible websites that sell and ship illegal drugs “hassle-free.”

A similar case involves a store in Afghanistan which sells and ships drugs within 24 hours and in neat packaging. These two are prime examples of how easy it is to access illegal drugs at the click of a button.

The Details


The website deals with methamphetamine, both in crystal and powder form and MDMA or ecstasy pills.

Following the discovery of this website, further probing by the authorities unearthed numerous other “legitimate” websites that dealt with slightly altered methamphetamine substitutes which are cleverly disguised as herbal drugs.

One of these online pharmacies even goes as far to distinguish between these two drugs methamphetamine and methiopropamine – the latter which they consider a “legal high.”


There has been a notable reaction from public figures in Australia who have termed the discovery as a serious community concern and a threat to the welfare of the people.

Labor MP Guy Zangari was the first to react and noted how detrimental to the community the website was while calling it “the most heinous thing to occur online.”

The NSW police force disclosed that they were also targeting a number of other websites that are allegedly participating in the kind of criminal activity that involves the sale and distribution of illicit drugs.

Customer Reviews

True to form, the clients of the website left some very positive reviews most of which praised the purity of the drugs. The reviewers cleverly disguised themselves as pharmacies and research labs with thinly veiled references to the type of high they got from the drugs.

One particular review was hidden under the pretext of a research lab that used rats as test subjects provided a very detailed positive review of how the “rats” reacted to the drugs and how enjoyable it was to conduct the “research” with that level of purity.

The Impact of Silk Road’s Demise

After the FBI dismantled what was the world’s largest online drug market and threw its mastermind behind bars for life, drugs transactions on other dark web marketplaces saw a notable increase with their sales and revenues tripling and doubling respectively.


Cannabis still tops the list as one of the most sold illicit drugs in cryptomarkets. Cocaine and amphetamines follow closely behind.

While cryptomarkets have been compared to digital e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay before, it is the security and encryption aspect that distinguishes them from those legit websites.

The use of untraceable forms of payment such as bitcoin is also a huge distinguishing factor according to Stijn Hoorens, an author of the report and a research leader at RAND Europe.

It is, however, clear that marketing stunts such as these are only going to increase as drug-fuelled dark web marketplaces gain traction in the virtual world.

Source : darkwebnews

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