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Cortana Will Assist You On Skype


Microsoft is introducing Cortana to Skype users. The artificial intelligence will come to Skype in the form of the personal assistant Cortana. The assistant will help users make plans for going out or look up information.

Skype will be more enjoyable with Cortana

The addition of the personal assistant to Skype was announced for the first time over a year ago and it is still unknown what is taking Microsoft so long. It is said that the implementation is similar to the one used by Facebook for its assistant in Messenger and Google with Allo.


When a Skype user is chatting, Cortana appears to bellow the most recent messages and tries to assist you by suggesting a restaurant or creating reminders. Users can also chat with Cortana.

Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant

Intelligent personal assistants are used by all big companies. Google has Allo, iPhone has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and there are plenty more out there. Cortana is created by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Amazo Aexa and Windows Mixed Reality.

So far Cortana is available in only a handful of languages suh as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish Japanese and Chinese.

The personal assistant can recognize natural voice without keyboard input sets reminders and answers questions (it uses the Bing search engine). It was natural that Microsoft would use its own search engine, Bing, to help Cortana.

Also, Cortana can simulate rolling a dice or flipping a coin and it has music recognition service (Bing Audio). The service can only recognize recorded songs; it is not available for humming or live songs. The assistant has the Concert Watch feature which monitors Bing search engines to determine user’s favorite bands or musicians. Another service included is the Foursquare that provides local attractions and restaurants.

Source: This article was published tech.blorge.com By Andrew Matviles

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