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Google adds new ‘save’ & bookmarking feature, which you can access in a new hamburger menu


Google makes another attempt at allowing users to save their search results to a single location.

Google has added a new “save” feature, which you can access under a new hamburger menu, navigation drawer, on the left side of the Google home page on your mobile device. You can now save images, itineraries, places and web pages while using Google on your mobile device. You can then access all of what you saved by going to the “save” button in the navigational drawer.

Here is a screen shot of the new menu on Google mobile:

When you click on it, it gives you access to the “save” button:

Here is what you see the first time you go to that “save” section:

The hamburger menu is available throughout Google search and other sections on Google.

For example, Google has now replaced the share button with a save button for the local panel as well. I am sure there are spatters of this change throughout much of Google.

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land, “We’ve created a new tool so you can collect and keep track of things that interest you more easily. When you see the bookmark icon appear, you’ll have the ability to save images, itineraries, and places you visit in Google Search on the mobile web. To access your inventory, just tap ‘Saved’ in the navigation drawer on any mobile search results page.”

Google has let you save results for a while now, but it now appears Google is expanding this feature to more areas. Google introduced local place saving in May 2015 and expanded that in 2017, then image search saving in 2015 and also expanded that in 2016. As far back as 2010, Google offered starred results to save your search results.

So this seems like a new push from Google to allow users to save their search results in one place.

Source: This article was published searchengineland.com By Barry Schwartz

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