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Google now allows you submit URLs for indexing right within the search results


One of the primary functions for Google involves furthering the ease of using the interwebs for the general populace. Thus, it is always taking its most-used solutions and integrating them directly into the core search engine experience. Following along the same lines, it is now adding the capability to submit website URLs for indexing directly into Google’s search results page.

First spotted by Search Engine Land, the Mountain View-based tech giant has enhanced the search experience for when your query is exactly this — ‘submit URL to Google’ or something along the same lines such as ‘URL submission Google.’ This displays the dedicated URL submission box, obviously with the reCAPTHCA box, right within the search results.

There is currently no official word on the same from Google, so we’re not completely sure for how long the feature has been available in the search results. Its appearance in the search results has been discovered just recently. The process is traditional and is known to SEO (search engine optimisation) experts/newbies.

You just have to copy and paste the link you want Google to index in the text box and then press the Submit button after proving your humanity by checking the ‘I’m not a robot’ box. But, as you must already be aware that the submission of a link doesn’t mean that Big G will surely index your page or shown in page rankings. All submissions are reviewed before inclusion in the search engine’s index.

This feature is steadily being rolled out globally, so it may or not be available for you right this instant. But, the URL submission form will definitely make its way to your Google search results in the coming weeks. This further simplifies the process of submitting pages to the search engine for indexing — which can usually take from four days to four weeks. We contacted Google for more information and will update you once we hear back.

As for those unaware of indexing, it is simply the process of adding web pages to Google’s massive storage space for displaying search results. This is usually done automatically by web crawlers, which are programs which sift through your website’s code to read “meta” tags and index the same. WordPress pages and links are added to the index automatically.

Source : thetechportal.com

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