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Ditch Facebook And Make Yourself Smarter With These 10 Hottest Learning Sites


The average person spends nearly two hours every day on social media.1

Think about it, what will we achieve when we spend these two hours on something else? Let’s say, study a new language? Or pick up a skill?

Below are 10 best websites other than social media that can make you smarter and largely improve your life.

1. Unplug The TV

Each time you visit this site, it generates a new video for you to watch and become smarter. Try to watch the whole video even if the topic doesn’t seem to be interesting to you. By learning more about unfamiliar topics you’re enlarging your comfort zone and widening your perspective.

2. Skillshare

The classes are taught by expert practitioners. No more theories. No more empty promises. The skills they teach are really applicable and useful.

As a non-profit making organization, it offers a wide range of tuition-free courses from associate degrees to graduate degrees.

4. High Brow

Once you subscribe to it, it will send you 5-minute long courses on various subjects to your inbox every day. Easy to digest and interesting.

5. Investopedia


Investment and finance seem to be really difficult topics? Even if we like it or not, finance does affect our every aspect of life. Learn more about it from the team of data scientists and financial experts on the site.

6. Brain pump

This site covers interesting and less-known knowledge that you would seldom see on social media. Not all of them would be practical for your life but for sure it will make you become more creative and a funnier person

The slower you read, the less insights you gain, and the slower you’ll grow than others. Catch up with this tool that helps you digest everything faster. Just paste the text you’d like to read, then it’ll guide you to read faster and gradually yet effectively improve your overall reading speed.

8. Coursera


It offers lots of free courses which have great reputation. Its specializations are data science, machine learning, etc.

9. Hemingway Editor

Everybody writes, even if you’re not a writer. This site is like your free tutor who would point out which parts of your sentenced can be tuned to instantly improve the whole piece after you paste the text on it. Some common advice it gives is to avoid passive voice and lengthy sentences.

10. edX


This site features a number of courses from various universities from around the world. As of December 2016, it already got 10 million students taking more than 1,270 courses online.

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