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Learn This Simple Technique And You Will Do A Lot More In Less Time


Procrastination, overworking, and burnout seem like constant fixtures in the modern work world. As a result, you lose motivation for activities you know are good for you, like exercise. By the end of a busy workday, all you want to do is lie down. Yet, distractions keep you from truly relaxing.

Instead of spending your days running on fumes, you can learn to get everything done in far less time. That way, you will have the time and energy to do what fulfills you, not just what sustains you.

A great way to manage your time more effectively is by using the Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo. The technique involves utilizing short, highly focused chunks of time and eliminating distractions.


All you need to try the technique is a timer, a pen and paper, and your next work project. To get started, set your timer for 25 minutes. During this time, you will only focus on the one project you have chosen, avoiding all distractions. After 25 minutes of work, you take a five minute break.

If any distractions come to mind while you are working, just write them down on the piece of paper. Also, use the piece of paper to record how many 25 minutes intervals of work you complete. After completing four 25 minute intervals, take a longer 15 minutes break.

As simple as the Pomodoro Technique sounds, breaking up your work time into intervals of concentrated focus will boost your productivity enormously. Without the distractions of checking your email and Facebook, or remembering a phone call you need to make, you will be amazed how much you can get done. With your work tasks completed, you can enjoy the freedom to engage in activities that fulfill you.


Source : lifehack.org


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