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Mozilla Vows to Keep up the Fight for Online Rights


Mozilla has once again taken a vow to fight for internet user’s privacy and net neutrality.

The company unveiled it 2015 annual report Thursday, which stated that the company will continue to protect, and fight for online user’s privacy and rights. It stated that they have strong beliefs in transparency, user control, and trust when it comes to advocating for online rights.

Their report mentions several key issues for privacy related initiatives. Among them was the company’s action in the Apple Vs. FBI court proceedings in which the FBI demanded that Apple unlock the cellphone of a terrorist shooter in California. Apple protected the privacy of its customer regardless of terrorist actions, but in the end the FBI was able to get into the iPhone without help from Apple.

Mozilla was among the tech giants that argued in court that the government has no right to take over a company, and their engineers to “undermine” their security features. Mozilla also stated that it will work to help keep the net neutrality rules that were passed last year by the FCC. They may face big obstacles from the incoming Trump administration. The rules stop broadband service providers from blocking or bottlenecking traffic, as well as stopping them from charging higher fees to “prioritize” the delivery of their material.

Any new administration can reconsider the issue. We hope they don’t. But, if the issue is revisited, we are all still here, and so are others who supported and fought for net neutrality.

Making the bulk of its revenue last year by funding work through various research partnerships, the nonprofit was able to raise $420 million dollars, no small number.

From fighting court battles and lobbying for the little man, to actively finding and patching security flaws and exploits, Mozilla wants you to know they have your back. While it’s not Mozilla per se, that is under attack or a target of the government; The Tor Project and Tor Browser however, are. Security flaws in Firefox most certainly spell security flaws in Tor as well. Since October we have heard Mozilla and Tor have been working together to find, and fix security flaws, exploits, as well as develop ways of protecting users against Malware attacks.

The most famous of cases has to be the FBI’s takeover of Playpen using a Firefox exploit to target, and unmask Tor users. When questioned about how exactly it was done, the FBI was very, very hesitant to give up any information at all. Mozilla once again went to bat for the little man, and tried to make the FBI give up the information on how exactly it all went down. After a lengthy court battle, the verdict decisions were both ways. Some judges were ruling for the FBI, some weren’t. When you think of online privacy fighters, Mozilla should be first, or in the very least second, only to organizations such as the EFF and The Tor Project.


Source:  https://www.deepdotweb.com/2016/12/14/mozilla-vows-keep-fight-online-rights

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