Saturday, 29 April 2017 12:02

NASA captures incredible image of Earth from 870 million miles away


NASA spacecraft has captured an incredible image of Earth – pictured between the rings of Saturn.

The image, shot from 870 million miles away, shows our planet as a tiny dot – with our moon as a smaller grey dot beside it.

The image shows Saturn’s A and F rings in the foreground – captured by a tiny spacecraft which is set to crash into Saturn later this year.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft soared past Saturn’s biggest moon for the last time on Saturday, tapping its gravity to slingshot into a series of exploratory dives inside the planet’s rings, followed by a final fatal plunge into the gas giant.

NASA captures incredible image of Earth from 870 million miles away

After nearly 20 years of traveling in space, Cassini used the gravitational tug of Titan, a moon resembling primordial Earth, to hurl itself into a new orbit that will pass through an unexplored region between Saturn’s cloud tops and its rings.

This article was published on metro.co.uk by Rob Waugh

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