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November Product Updates: Testing Our Way To 2017


November was all about testing for our article page group. We’ve been running A/B tests on a small percentage of the mobile audience; testing new commenting and site socialization features, variations on UX treatments and relevancy matching on ad units, as well as some improvements aimed at streamlining page flow and better surfacing of related content. We’ve also begun discovery on an overhaul of our registration and user account management experience, with an eye towards enhanced consumer identity management and a tighter platform alignment strategy.

As we move towards the end of the year we’ll be continuing and expanding our testing of new commenting and social engagement features, and planning a new and more scalable approach to prototyping and testing in 2017.

Mobile Web App (beta)

This month was an exciting one for our new mobile products team. We surveyed a portion of our users to see how they were liking the experience, and over 80% of users surveyed offered positive feedback.

We also been refining the ad experience, and we continued to tweak our user experience by adding navigation prompts and nudges to help users to navigate and explore the experience. As of November 29, we are also live with production traffic. Our social team is sharing two new mobile links every day, and our site has proven robust enough to handle more than 17,000 users in one day.


We are also hard at work preparing new mobile list experiences for the upcoming World’s Most Powerful People and 30 Under 30 lists. Simultaneously, we continue work to streamline the app framework, thus allowing us to launch apps around new list events more expeditiously.


November was a busy month for lists. It featured the launch of Best States for BusinessFinTech50NHL valuations and the Just 100 Companies, a new list ranking America’s best corporate citizens within their industries. The product team is now in full swing working on our 2016 ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People, and our signature 30 Under 30 list launching in the first week of 2017.

CMS & Data Science

During November we released several improvements to the CMS focused around tagging content and automated channel/section categorization. In the coming weeks, we'll be introducing improvements to how the CMS handles media, providing a simple, cohesive experience when adding media, andoffering more granular search options. We'll also be debuting a new Help Center, a centralized knowledge base, FAQs and community for our contributor network.

The data science and CMS teams have been collaborating to bring on a suit of features to the CMS that help authors optimize and tag their stories for improved shareability and search engine performance. This week, we released a hashtag suggestion tracker in the CMS to monitor usage and increase accuracy. Next week we’ll be debuting new headline optimization and SEO suggestions features.

Lastly, the data science team is nearing completion on a real-time data pipeline that streams live article data into structured tables where it can be analyzed in real-time, allowing us to pinpoint and react to traffic spikes on viral content as they happen.



In November,ForbesConnectpublished the Forbes Healthcare app, a designated conference app for the Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York City. In December, we will continue our efforts to expand our business development plan in order to provide a light-weight networking platform for business schools.

Level Up by Forbes

The Level Up team is now publishing its own videos on Facebook. Check out our page to watch a few and don’t forget to like the page while you are there! Additionally, Level Up’s content on Amazon Alexa is now recorded and published in audio form (previously it was only text-to-speech), and we will be live on Google Assistant on Dec 15th.

Page Performance

In recent weeks, we have been exploring new ways to maximizing the performance of our core site pages. By ruthlessly shaving off every unnecessary byte and millisecond, we can deliver the core experience as quickly as possible. When a web page loads, you often see many intermediate steps. In those first moments, the page is not an image; it is an animation. By default, the frames of this animation arise in an unintended way from technical factors. We are taking control of these early moments, designing, choreographing and engineering them. We are also working toward comprehensive page performance monitoring of every production page view, as well as automated performance analysis as part of the development process.

Author:  Nina Gould

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/

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