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Samsung Galaxy S8 Anticipated March 2017 Release Date Could Be Delayed Unless Cause Of Note 7 Exploding Battery Pinpointed?


As the rumor mill continue to churn out more interesting details about the Samsung Galaxy S8, release date speculations that emerged recently revealed that the new flagship model could hit the shelves worldwide in March 2017. A report from The Investor that went out a few days ago cited statements from unnamed various suppliers, which hinted a feasible release schedule for the Galaxy S8.

According to the publication’s sources, while still assessing the launch date for the next flagship, Samsung Electronics is eyeing to begin Samsung Galaxy S8 testing in January.

“Key suppliers are required to provide an initial batch of their parts for the Galaxy S8 from January,” according to an official from one of the suppliers.

“Full volume supplies will start in February.”

Samsung logo shown during Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge's presentation.

With this given timeline, there’s a possibility for Samsung Galaxy S8 to follow the usual release pattern of the previous flagship models, which is debuting at Mobile World Congress in February and then getting a global market release date in March.

“Considering the parts supplies, the phone launch could come in March as usual, unlike an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal,” another source working for another parts maker who wants to stay unnamed shared.

The March release date may sound good for those solid Samsung fans eager to get their hands on the Galaxy S8. But if the Wall Street Journal report that was referred in the cited quote above is to be considered, there’s a possibility for the next Samsung’s flag bearer to get a delayed debut. A post from Forbes, citing the WSJ report, linked the Samsung Galaxy S8’s potential late launch to the Galaxy Note 7 battery ignominy.

“The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the South Korean tech giant, is reporting that Samsung engineers still have not figured out the cause of the Note 7 battery fires, and that executives within the company are now ‘looking to delay the announcement of the Galaxy S8,’ perhaps as late as April.”

For sure, the tech world is eager to know what specifically caused the Note 7 batteries to explode. And Samsung being able to finally pinpoint the culprit will most definitely give a huge relief to their loyal followers. It is crucial especially for those waiting for the Galaxy maker’s next smartphone offering who are looking for assurance that the Korean titan will do its utter best for the same mistake not to happen again with the Galaxy S8 and other future devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unveiled in a launch event.

If the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue will actually cause the late release of Samsung’s next flagship models, then, the tech company really needs to work faster to identify the root of the discontinued phablet’s problem. As according to the same Forbes report, delaying the Galaxy S8’s release “will almost certainly damage the momentum Samsung had built with the critically-acclaimed Galaxy S6 and S7.

Aside from the release date assumptions, talks about the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are also widespread. The Korean conglomerate had already confirmed a few features to expect from the new smartphones including a “slick design” and an “improved camera,” according to a previous theT Inquisitr report.

Another major feature to get from the S8 is an AI digital assistance service and according to the latest development noted in the same Wall Street Journal report, there could be a dedicated physical button for it.

“The latest internal prototypes of the premium Galaxy S8 handset include a button on the side edge of the smartphone that would be used to launch a beefed-up virtual assistant,” the report said. But since the smartphone’s design is not final yet, it is still possible for Samsung to scrap the button idea for the AI feature, which is also rumored to be named Bixby.

The Inquisitr will continue to keep you updated for more release date and specs news surfacing online about the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Source: inquisitr.com


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