While the 50,000 URL limit has not changed, your Sitemaps file size can now be up to 50MB.

Google and Bing announced jointly that they have increased the file size limit of Sitemaps files from 10MB to 50MB.

That means the uncompressed version must now be under 50MB, no longer under 10MB.

Fabrice Canel, principal program manager at Bing, said, “While most sitemaps are under this 10 MB file limit, these days, our systems occasionally encounter sitemaps exceeding this limit. … Most often this is caused when sitemap files list very long URLs or if they have attributes listing long extra URLs (as alternate language URLs, Image URLs, etc), which inflates the size of the sitemap file.”

The 50,000 URL limit per Sitemaps file has not changed; you can still only have up to 50,000 URLs in a single Sitemap file. But the file size has increased significantly.

Here is Google’s tweet about that this morning:

We've updated the Sitemaps protocol with Bing! Sitemaps & indexes can be considerably larger now. More at http://sitemaps.org
Author : Barry Schwartz
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Want to understand how Bing ranks and shows data on images within Bing Image search?

Bing shared in detail how Bing Image search provides relevant images for your queries while showing how they now also provide descriptions, captions and actions for images for the new Bing Image search experience.

One interesting tidbit that Bing shared was that of all the images they indexed, 59% of them have at least one duplicate image across the web. They said many images have hundreds, if not thousands, of duplication across them web. A duplicate image can be someone either taking the original image and hosting it on a different URL on their own server or someone making slight changes to the image and hosting it elsewhere, while not sourcing the original image URL.

Here is a graph Bing shared showing data on image duplication across the web:


Author : Barry Schwartz

Source : searchengineland.com

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A search engine works how you use keywords and phrases but not many people are aware of search operators and how they can be combined to filter specific results from a search engine. Google has been my preferred search engine for years (and it continues to be) but here are some Bing search tricks and commands worth checking out.

The following search operators of Bing.com are advanced cases which lets you filter results from Bing.com for a specific language, country or location. Apart from that, there are a couple of more search tricks which is available exclusively on Bing and not on any other search engine like Google, Yahoo, Wolfram Alpha, Blekko and so on.

See Country Specific Search Results On Bing.com

Want to see search results from a specific country or location?  Bing.com automatically detects your native country and location so you should see an option as “only pages from your country” when you open Bing.com.

Country specific search on Bing.com

However, if you are residing on one country and want to preview the country specific results of another country on Bing, you have to manually modify the search result URL of Bing.com and add the corresponding country code of the target country.

Example: Let’s say you are residing in India but want to preview the search results of the phrase “Indian clothes” when searched from France. In that case, open Bing.com and type in the country specific code of France (Fr) in the URL http://www.bing.com/?cc=fr

See location specific search results on Bing.com

After switching to the country level search of Bing.com, perform your search as you normally do. The results will be shown in the target country’s own language and you can preview the search results of that particular keyword or phrase for a location specific search at Bing.com. The only catch here is that you have to remember the country codes but if you have a bad memory, bookmark this country code reference page.

Note: The earlier location specific search trick using loc:country name after the search keywords has stopped working now.

Find The Number of External Links Used On Any Website

If you own a website and want to find the links of all the webpages to whom your website is linking to, Bing has a very unique search operator which will be immensely useful.

Simply search for LinkFromDomain: domain.com and you would be able to find out all the external web links a particular site is linking to

Find all external Links used in a website

Not only this search command lets you find all the outbound links on any domain, but you can also combine this command with the site: operator and filter a specific domain extension e.g .org, as explained in the following example:

LinkFromDomain: ampercent.com site:.org – Filters all outbound links on this blog pointing to a website that ends with a .org extension

Find Outbound links on a website with a particular extension

Find All the Domains Hosted on the Same IP Address

There are several websites which lets you know the IP address of a website or that of your computer. But with Bing.com’s IP search tool, you can find all the websites that are hosted on the same IP address.

All you have to do is enter the search command in the following format IP: XX.XX.XX.XX

Example: Let’s say you want to find all the websites that are hosted on the same IP address of Wikipedia.org. First find the base IP of Wikipedia .org by pinging from Windows command prompt or using Whatsmyip.org and then enter the obtained IP in Bing.com’s search box. See example

Bing IP Lookup - Find All websites on the same IP address

Also read: Know the geolocation of an IP address, email address traceroute

Find Webpages That Link to PDF, Documents, MP3 or Other File Types

Want to filter webpages in search results that link to a specific file type ? Using Bing.com’s contains: operator, you can quickly sort out all the webpages that either have a download link to a specific file format or has an embedded external link pointing to a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, MP3 music, FLV video or other common file types.

Example #1: Let’s say I want to find all webpages which link to a PDF document related to “HP laptop manual”. This search query at Bing.com [HP laptop manual contains:PDF] shows all the webpages that link to a PDF file and suitable for the performed query.

Example #2: Let’s say I want to find all the Wikipedia pages that link to a Word document. Combining the contains: operator with a site specific operator lets me filter search results only from Wikipedia.org which link to a Word document

File type search operator or command for Bing

Filter Search Results By Title Or URL

The inurl: and intitle: search operator is common in almost every other search engine and Bing is no exception.

Search For Pages Containing Specific Keywords In Title Only: Using the intitle: operator, you can restrict your search to find out webpages which contain a specific phrase or keyword in it’s Title attribute. An example search for the phrase “yellow pages” would be intitle:yellow pages.

The intitle operator is useful when you are searching for something very specific and want to filter out noise and useless information from search result pages.

Search for Pages Containing a Specific word in URL: Similar to the above mentioned intitle: operator, you can find out webpages which has a specific keyword or phrase in it’s URL. An example search for the word “Indian players” would be inurl:Indian players

Both the above search operators are especially handy for webmasters, you can use these operators to filter out specific pages from your own blogs which contain keywords in both the Title and URL.

Excluding Keywords From Bing Search

Say you are searching for something and a completely irrelevant website pops up every time you type your search query. If your search keywords contain a very popular brand name, chances are that you will not get meaningful results at all.

In such situations, it makes complete sense to exclude a keyword using the NOT operator.

Using the NOT operator is fairly easy, simply use the following search command:

[keyword] NOT [ keyword to exclude]

Example: Say you are searching for “Face” and want to exclude “Facebook” from search results. Use the following search command at Bing.com

Exclusing keywords in Bing search

Exclude Websites From Bing Search

Similar to Bing’s exclude keywords feature, you can also exclude results from a specific website by using the (-) operator. The search syntax is [keyword] – [website address]

Example: Let’s say you want to search for pages that contain the term Wikipedia but do not want to see results from Wikipedia.org. In that case, simple put the (-) sign after your search keyword and type wikipedia.org to exclude the entire domain from search result pages of Bing.com

Exclude domains from Bing search

Check the Weather Conditions of Any City With Bing

To know the current weather conditions, temperature, humidity or rainfall conditions of a specific city, simply type weather followed by the name of the city.

Check weather reports of a city or location with Bing search

View the Map Or Geographical Location Of An Address

Have the physical address of a shop and you want to see it’s actual geographical location on a map? Go to Bing.com, type the complete address in Bing serch box and hit “Enter”. If the place is popular, chances are that Bing.com will show a map of the location you just searched for

Bing location listings

These were some of the basic as well as advanced Bing search opeators and commands, shoot up your favorites in the comments section below.

Source : http://www.ampercent.com/bing-search-tips-commands/9282/

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Microsoft has added a revamped video search to Bing. The search engine's new video search is better than Google's alternative.

Google is the leading search engine by some distance. That probably convinced Microsoft that Bing needed some enhancements to close the gap. Consequently, the software giant revamped Bing’s video search last year. With that revamp Bing certainly has better video tools than Google.

If you need more convincing results, select Videos in Bing and then enter a query. The first thing to note is that the Bing video search uses the whole page. Video thumbnails are spread out across the entire search page and are not just listed in one linear list. Consequently, what it now has is a grid of video thumbnails, not just one linear list.

Another thing to note is that the video thumbnails are also expanded. They are more than double the size of the thumbnails shown on Google’s search list. So that makes the thumbnails much clearer in Bing.

Hover the cursor over one of Bing’s video thumbnails. That will play a brief preview of the video if it has one. Google’s video search has no such previews.

Another great thing about the Bing video search is the filters it has at the top. At the top of the video thumbnails, there are filters for length, date, resolution and source. So if you want to find videos with higher resolution, you can click Resolution and select a higher resolution setting from the drop-down list. Alternatively, if you’re only looking for YouTube videos, click Source and choose that.

Yes, Google has search filters, but Bing’s filters are better. For example, you can only select a High-Quality video option from the Any Quality filter in Google. In Bing, you can select various resolution settings. Plus, Bing’s video search has more filters than Google.

Another thing to note is the keywords Bing video search includes at the top. For example, if you enter a song title you can then select a lyric keyword listed at the top that will find a lyric video for it. When you scroll down the search page, a grey search bar appears at the top with alternative keywords on it.

Bing’s video search also includes two grey bars with thumbnails and keywords in them. One of those bars enables you to refine your search by selecting a more specific keyword from it. Alternatively, you can also select related keywords for other artists from the other grey bar so that you can quickly find other videos.

Google only lists so many videos on its search pages. At the bottom of Google, there are numbers for you to select the next page with. However, Bing has an infinite scroll so that you can keep on scrolling down through the video found without needing to select new pages.

So Bing’s video search is somewhat better than Google’s video search options. It might be enough to convince some that Bing is now a better search engine than Google.

Author : Matthew

Source : https://www.inferse.com/40102/how-bing-video-search-is-better-than-google-video-search/

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“Silk Road. Circa 2013. Purchased what promised as a ‘mind-blowing’ experience. Received a Dust Buster two days later. Strangely, no complaints on my end.” — gr8head, Reddit user

I’m sitting at my desk, abandoning a lukewarm cup of tea to engage in an intense online battle with MyUni over a Friday timetable slot. A friend pops up on Facebook Messenger to confirm that she does, in fact, enjoy cooked pineapple. I search for an appropriately shocked GIF when she adds, offhandedly, “have you heard of the dark web?”

Too embarrassed to admit my ignorance, I minimise the browser and open another. A quick search on Reddit tells me that the dark web – or darknet – is not indexed by standard search engines like Google or Bing: it is a small, encrypted portion of the deep web that requires special software to operate. Wherever I search, the same terms stand out: drug dealing; money laundering; human trafficking; leaked documents. 

I roll my eyes at my humble MacBook, and dismiss this online underworld as a phenomenon lying well beyond my technical capabilities. I begin closing tabs when one thread catches my attention. I pause. “DARKNET: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE”.

Curious, I do as the guide says and download Tor, a free browser originally designed by the US military before it became open source. I hesitate before dragging the logo into my applications folder: will it open up my computer to hackers? I double click the app. My MECO2603 essays aren’t worth much anyway.

A popup appears with a loading bar. The bar snakes its way across my screen and then disappears. Tor opens.

The green-and-purple homepage looks innocuous. I copy and paste a link from Reddit into the search bar. The page loads and I choke on my tea; I’m faced with a single, disturbing image of a tentacled man brandishing a pentagram. The hitman recruitment site promises “permanent solutions to common problems”.

I quickly close the window and paste another link. It lists the IP addresses of known child pornography viewers. Another link: fake citizenship certificates. Another: a PDF file of the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Classified business information, weapons, human experiments – it’s all there. It was always right there.

Harry*, a Medical Science student at the University of Sydney, stumbled across the dark web on a coding forum when he was fourteen.

“I was browsing through and was just like, oh hey, I can buy an AK-47 for $350.”

He found himself on The Silk Road, an infamous darknet marketplace the FBI shut down in 2013. It functioned as a criminal eBay, offering everything from guns and drugs to stolen credit cards and Netflix subscriptions. He bought three cannabis seeds for $30.

“I wasn’t really expecting to get them, but I wanted the thrill of using the dark web and seeing how it works. You’re anonymous, so you don’t have the moral boundaries that you would have while dealing with someone face to face.”

The seeds took less than three weeks to arrive from the United States – faster than most of my textbook orders from the Book Depository. 

“They were packaged in a tin foil packet, like how you get tablets. You cracked it open like a Panadol. It was nicely wrapped – it looked professional,” he told me with a smirk.

A significant number of students are logging onto cryptomarkets to bypass traditional dealers and purchase drugs. We are all just one download, a quick bitcoin transfer and a few clicks away from having AusPost deliver narcotics straight to our doors.

Matt*, a Medicinal Chemistry student at UTS, was introduced to the dark web by a friend when he was sixteen and searching for a cheap source of acid. He bought a sheet of 20 tabs, and camped out by his parent’s mailbox waiting for the drugs to arrive.

“Having the drugs delivered to my house wasn’t my finest moment. I actually used my parents’ credit card too, and got caught on the bank statement. I told Dad I bought Halo.”

The LSD took just over a fortnight to travel from Switzerland to Matt’s home address, sealed in an envelope and sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. Matt took a tab that same night to see if it was legitimate. It was.

The thought of purchasing opiates and stimulants with the click of a button is tempting, but while darknet user ratings can act as a market regulator, it is impossible to guarantee purity of character…or drug composition

Ben* bought 50 tabs of clonazolam off the internet when he was in year 9. He shared them with his mate, who became increasingly aggressive and withdrawn, until he had to be hospitalised

“[My friend] was basically a soulless husk of a person for a few days. I felt devastated that my own judgement could be completely stripped from me so suddenly. I was expelled 11 days later,” Ben wrote to me.

There is also the possibility of falling victim to an exit scam, whereby a vendor takes a large catalogue of orders before disappearing with your precious bitcoin. And you can’t exactly go to the courts over a dodgy drug deal.

Sam*, a geography student, bought MDMA and LSD in bulk – up to $7000 street worth at a time – and sold it to friends at cost price. It was an act of vigilantism against local suppliers and their generally impure products.

“We tried to minimise the risk by only buying off reputable sellers with lots of positive feedback, but we got ripped off about three times. Each instance was a few hundred dollars.”

Cyber risks aside, there is one glaringly obvious deterrent: drug possession is illegal. Students can rack up fines or face imprisonment, regardless of who their supplier is or where they conduct their business. One Engineering and Science student grew worried after making a particularly large purchase from The Silk Road.

“Despite making every effort to be safe, it’s easy to make a mistake and there are bugs everywhere,” they warned me.

“The thresholds for what is called a ‘marketable’, and worse, a ‘commercial’ quantity are surprisingly low. It certainly made me nervous when there were potentially packages linked to me sitting in a customs building somewhere full of illegal drugs.”

Before you hand over your bitcoin, put down the Guy Fawkes mask and consider the world you could be delving into. The darknet is ‘dark’ for a reason: one second you’re spinning the web, and the next it’s got you trapped.

While buying drugs off the darknet is undoubtedly exhilarating, ultimately it’s a slippery slope with no way to recover lost bitcoin and no way to undo whatever you’ve done.

I sip my tea and close the browser. Some secrets are best left hidden.

Source : http://honisoit.com/2017/03/spinning-the-dark-web/

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Bing Search for Android can now provide detailed information on searched for locations. Microsoft has also added security flags and warnings to give users more control over which websites are safe to visit.

While Google is the all-conquering search tool on the Android platform, there are dedicated pockets of Bing Search users. For those customers, Microsoft has today rolled out an update for its Bing Search app on Android. This latest release comes with some new features to improve the user experience.

Probably the most interesting of the new additions is a new travel results feature. This sees Bing provide specific results based on a search location:

“Looking to go somewhere new? Bing finds you the best time to go and gives you tips and guides,” the changelog explains.

One important new change focuses on improving security on Bing Search for Android. This means the service issues “warnings about malicious websites” in the search results. For example, a search results that may be dangerous if clicked are flagged as such.

This is a welcome addition that other search engines do, including Bing on PC. Microsoft explains that users are also able to “filter and find your favorite Bing homepage images”.

Bing Search for Android

Bing Search has been expanded through Microsoft updates over several years. While it was once a pale imitation of Google Search, Bing has improved as a viable alternative. While market share has been hard to come by, the features at Bing’s disposal make it a powerful tool.

Here are the features available to Android users:

  • Access weather, news, trending images and videos quickly
  • Translate the entire web pages through the “Translate” button
  • Bookmark pages you want to remember, and share what you find with your social networks
  • Keep track of results you find with multiple tabs
  • Go into private mode so that Bing doesn’t save your search and browsing history
  • Enjoy beautiful daily homepage images and set them as your phone wallpaper with one click.
  • Browse the gallery for previous homepage images

Author : Luke Jones

Source : https://winbuzzer.com/2017/03/13/microsoft-updates-bing-search-android-travel-specific-information-xcxwbn/

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Being able to make money online is an easy task in itself, however, the difficulty usually lies in finding places where you can make money. Luckily for those who use Bing, the place to make money online is staring right at you – Bing. What was once seen as a mediocre search engine, is now something quite powerful. Constant improvements by Microsoft have continually improved Bing’s results, while still providing a pleasing experience. Now, it’s possible to make money using Bing.

We already know about Bing Rewards – Microsoft’s program for rewarding users who use Bing – but we’re not here to talk about that. This is something different.

A company based in the United Kingdom, called Qmee, offers browser extensions which once installed, will show related ads to the left-side of your browser whenever you search for something. Don’t be scared away by the ads, though. They’re actually quite helpful.

Let’s say you’re a little hungry and want to order some pizza. You’ll type in your search term, for example “dominos pizza” and look at the results. Now, normally you’d click right through to Dominos Pizza (or your choice of pizzeria), however, what Qmee will do is show offers from other pizzeria’s, as shown below.

Qmee Bing Pizza

Each ad will either be an offer/voucher code for relevant stores, or it will show a monetary symbol, which when clicked will add that money straight to your Qmee account, instantly. This amount can then be withdrawn to PayPal instantly or donated to a charity.

While this definitely isn’t a way of becoming rich, it does allow you to make money (and save money!) by just searching on Bing. Ads can be worth anywhere from $0.05 to $1 per click.

If you’re ready to start making money by searching Bing, you can sign-up to Qmee by clicking here. You’ll need a PayPal account (US or UK only), then install the browser extension and off you go – searching.

What’s more – if you use Qmee and Bing Rewards together, you’re not only earning cash for seeing those ads, you’re earning extra rewards from Microsoft.


Source : https://www.onmsft.com/news/how-to-make-money-online-by-searching-with-bing-and-qmee

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If you’ve ever tried to search for pirated content on the likes of Google, you might have come across instances where certain search results were removed due to a DMCA takedown request. Basically these listings would link to alleged pirate content and have been removed from the search results as per the copyright owner’s request.

However in the future it seems that it would be much harder to search for pirated content using either Google or Microsoft’s Bing. This is thanks to a voluntary code of practice that has been signed by both Google and Microsoft in which it would make it harder for users to visit such websites, at least if you are trying to find them via either search engine.

According to Eddy Leviten, director general at the Alliance for Intellectual Property, “Sometimes people will search for something and they will end up unwittingly being taken to a pirated piece of content. What we want to ensure is that the results at the top of the search engines are the genuine ones. It is about protecting people who use the internet, but also protecting the creators of that material too.”

These changes are expected to be rolled out by this coming summer, so that’s something you might notice in your search results in the coming months.

Author : Tyler Lee

Source : http://www.ubergizmo.com/2017/02/google-bing-harder-to-search-for-pirated-content/

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With the new 6.11 version of Bing's iOS search app, results for a "homes for sale + zip code" query returns real estate listings for specified zip codes.

Bing rolled out updates to its iOS search app today, ranging from new video features to malicious website warnings and real estate searches.

According to the app’s iTunes preview, users can now create video lists from video search results and music videos. To make searching more safe, Bing has added warnings for malicious websites.

It also fixed bugs in the app that were causing certain answers not to display properly.

Included in the update is a new real estate search feature, making it possible to see real estate listings for a specific zip code using a “homes for sale + zip code” query.

bing real estate search

The real estate search feature appears to work only with densely populated zip codes. It worked when I searched for a nearby Louisville, Kentucky zip code, but failed to pull listings when I used my own – much less populated – zip code in Southern Indiana.

Author : Amy Gesenhues

Source : http://searchengineland.com/bing-updates-ios-search-app-new-ways-create-video-lists-find-homes-sale-269061

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Bing's video search has a fresh new coat of paint, and it's a vast improvement in both form and function.

Bing recently introduced a redesign to its video search layout to make it easier and faster to find the video you want. In addition to the new look, Bing video search has added new information for each result, such as the channel it comes from, the number of views it has, and upload date. The new redesign is also music-centric, with several additional features that appear only when you search for a song.

The new song-related features build on changes Bing made to music video search in late 2013. 

What’s new

At the center of the new Bing video search are larger thumbnail images on the results page, with the videos arranged in a straightforward grid as before. The number of videos per row changes based on your screen size. A 22-inch 1080p monitor will show you about six results, for example, while a 12.5-inch 1366-by-768 screen only gets four. Hover over a thumbnail image and, if the originating site allows it, you can watch a short preview as usual.

Underneath each thumbnail is where you’ll see the extra data, such as channel, number of views, and so on. Duration is also included, but that’s been a feature with Bing video search for some time.

The story behind the story: New looks, a focus on music, and more data for each result. It all adds up to Bing trying to become the best YouTube search engine available today. It includes videos from other sites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo, of course, but Bing’s results are dominated by YouTube since the Google-owned site is the preeminent place to watch videos online.

All about the song


Ads by Kiosked

Bing’s new song-specific video search.

Let’s say we searched for Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars.

As with previous versions of Bing video search, you’ll see other songs by the artist with a small thumbnail image of the artist on a dark background at the top of the page. In the case of Uptown Funk, you see the top songs by Mark Ronson.

Below that, you see a large thumbnail for the top result, which in most cases should be the video for the song you’re looking for. If you hover over the large image, the video won’t give you a preview. Press play, however, and the video starts playing in full right on the results page. Next to the featured search result, you’ll see other results and below that a horizontal carousel of related artists, followed by more video results.

Overall, the new Bing video search is much nicer to look at than previous versions, adds more information, and far exceeds the search experience on standard Google, Google video, and YouTube searches. Give it a try on Bing.com/videos.

Author : Ian Paul

Source : http://www.pcworld.com/article/2938483/bings-new-video-search-puts-google-and-youtube-to-shame.html

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