Google has announced exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on Daydream View, the new headset it created for Daydream-ready Android phones, including the Pixel and Pixel XL. The View headset will arrive in the Google Store online, and at retailers in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia on November 10 for $79 US.

Pricing in the other countries varies, but is mostly in line with current exchange rates; retail partners also vary country-to-country, but include Verizon and Best Buy in the US, as well as Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse in Canada and the UK, respectively, along with select carriers.

If you’re not already familiar, Daydream View is a headset created by Google to work with its new Daydream VR platform, which is built into Android Nougat. The View was designed by Google to be easy to set up, convenient to use and comfortable to wear, and is aimed at helping make sure even VR first-timers can jump in and get the most out of the experience.

View ships with a Daydream View controller, which is a simple motion-enabled remote you can use to navigate VR experiences in Daydream. It also includes wrist strap for making sure you don’t lose track of said remote while you’re using VR.

Daydream View works completely wirelessly, automatically detecting when you slide a Pixel or Pixel XL in and switching the device to VR mode. I got the chance to use View briefly at Google’s launch event for the Pixel, and it’s comparable to using something like Samsung Gear VR, and provides a great VR starter experience for those who own a Daydream-compatible smartphone (it’s a very short list right now).

Daydream VR is launching with a number of apps ready to go from the Play Store, including Hulu VR, Google Play Movies (in a virtual theater environment) the Guardian VR and Gunjack 2. We’ll have more in-depth impressions of Daydream in our upcoming review, but if you’re excited about it now, I can safely say that it’s a good way for Pixel owners to dip your toes into VR without much cost.

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Google has just published the official Daydream app in Play Store for Daydream compatible smartphones. Some users have already received Daydream View headsets, but all other preorders will start shipping tomorrow. Daydream view will be available in Google Store starting November 10, 2016, as reported earlier.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App Setup

The app sets the stage for the Daydream launch which will be the centre of the big push by the company in Virtual reality experience. Google is betting big on Virtual Reality by baking Daydream experience within Android Nougat while working on the framework in time.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App Setup

According to reports, the company is collaborating with major YouTube content creators to ensure that YouTube has Daydream content ready on the launch day. The company has also launched YouTube VR app which is compatible with Daydream platform.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App

Other partners like Warner Brothers, and CNN have launched their Daydream compatible apps in the Play Store, hinting at the imminent launch of Daydream. Partner apps like CNN VRHunters GateMekorama VRFantastic BeastsThe Guardian VR and Google Street View have landed in the Play Store.

Google Daydream Apps

Google Daydream apps

We tried installing Daydream app on devices not compatible with daydream using the APK but couldn’t make the app to work. Daydream app continued to request for us to update Google VR Services, even though we installed the latest app from the Play Store.

Google Daydream YouTube VR , Daydream UI

YouTube VR and Google Daydream UI

One thing to note is that the Daydream app will request you to add a Payment option during the setup without any option to skip. The screenshots show use the Daydream lock screen, home screen and Google Play Store. The app setup issues basic instructions and warnings before using Daydream view. According to these instructions, the user should be at least 13 years or older to use the headset.

Google Daydream Homescreen

Google Daydream Homescreen

During the setup the user should fine a comfortable fit and be aware of the surroundings. The users should be seated or standing and not walk around while using the headset and should take regular breaks while using the headset. The app advises users to stop using the headset immediately if the user experiences nausea, eye strain or disorientation.

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