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The kids of today are comfortable in the digital space. They use digital diaries and textbooks at school, communicate via instant messaging, and play games on mobile devices.

However, as much as the Internet is an incredible resource, access to it can be dangerous for children, and parents who want their child to spend time online safely and productively, need to understand the basic concepts of digital security and the associated threats and be able to explain them to their children.

With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab compiles an annual report, based on statistics received from its solutions and modules with child protection features, which examines the online activities of children around the world.


Video content

According to the report, globally, video content made up 17% of Internet searches. Although many videos watched as a result of these searches may be harmless, it is still possible for children to accidentally end up watching videos that contain harmful or inappropriate content.

The report presents search results on the ten most-popular languages for the last six months. The data shows that the 'video and audio' category, which covers requests related to any video content, streaming services, video bloggers, series, and movies, are the most regularly 'Googled', and make up 17% of the total requests.

Second and third places go to translation (14%) and communication (10%) Web sites respectively. Gaming Websites sit in fourth place, generating only 9% of the total search requests.

Harnessing smart wearables to spy on owners

Kaspersky Lab has also noted a clear language difference for search requests. "For example, video and music Web sites are typically searched for in English, which can be explained by the fact that the majority of movies, TV series and musical groups have English names. Spanish-speaking kids carry out more requests for translation sites, while communication services are mostly searched for in Russian."

Chinese-speaking children look for education services, while French kids are more interested in sport and games Web sites. German children dominate in the "shopping" category, Japanese kids search for Anime, and the highest number of search requests for pornography are in Arabic.


Anna Larkina, the Web-content analysis expert at Kaspersky Lab, says children around the world have varying interests and online behaviors, but what links them all is their need to be protected online from potentially harmful content.

"Children looking for animated content could accidentally open a porn video. Or they could start searching for innocent videos and unintentionally end up on Web sites containing violent content, both of which could have a long-term impact on their impressionable and vulnerable minds," she says.

A local view

In addition to analyzing searches, the report also delves into the types of Web sites children visit, or attempt to visit, which contain potentially harmful content that falls under one of the 14 pre-set categories, which cover Internet communication sites, adult content, narcotics, computer games, gambling and many others.

The data revealed that in South Africa, communication sites (such as social media, messengers, or e-mails) were the most popular (69%) of pages visited.

However, the percentage for this category is dropping each year, as mobile devices play an increasingly bigger role in children's online activities.

The second most popular category of Web sites visited in SA is 'software, audio, and video', accounting for 17%. Websites with this content have become significantly more popular since last year when it was only the fifth most popular category globally at 6%.

Others in the top four are electronic commerce (4.2%) and alcohol, tobacco, and Web sites about narcotics (3.9%), which is a new addition compared to this time last year.


Irrespective of what children are doing online, it is important for parents not to leave their children's digital activities unattended, says Larkina.

"While it is important to trust your children and educate them about how to behave safely online, even your good advice cannot protect them from something unexpectedly showing up on the screen. That's why advanced security solutions are key to ensuring children have positive online experiences, rather than harmful ones," she concludes.

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There are over 1.1 billion websites on the internet, but the vast majority of all traffic actually goes to a very select list of them. Google.com, for example, has an astounding 28 billion visits per month. The next closest is also a Google-owned property, Youtube.com, which brings in 20.5 billion visits.

Today’s infographic comes to us from Vodien, and it lists the 100 highest ranking websites in the U.S. by traffic, according to website analytics company Alexa.

The information is grouped by company – for example, you can see that Google controls four sites in the Top 100 (Google, Youtube, Blogger, and Google User Content), while Verizon owns the Huffington Post and AOL.com (they will also control Yahoo and Tumblr when that deal closes in Q2). The data is also sorted by industry, so sites in a similar category are grouped in the same color.



The dropoff from #1 to #100 is significant. Google.com has 28 billion visits, but a website like Citi.com (ranked #98) only has 53 million visits a month. That’s a 500x difference!

Meanwhile, a website like ours (Visualcapitalist.com) gets one million visits per month, and is ranked #33,000 in the United States – a 50x difference from Citi. Further down the trail – there are literally millions of tiny websites that get thousands or just hundreds of visits per month, and some that don’t get any love at all.

The whole distribution is quite fascinating, and it is clear that the spoils go overwhelmingly to the very top of the food chain. However, that also means that there is an entire world of millions of websites out there that almost no one (except Google’s crawler) has ever seen.

Source : visualcapitalist.com

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Today the internet world has become very sensitive and with the growth of technology and more particularly digitization, the entire community has recognized the need for a Digital Copyright Law. While this may be the case, in recent times the awareness for copyright has increased dramatically.

Moreover, the copyright for images has become an important thing today. Images are practically being used for building a website, creating a flyer, refining presentations or for just sprucing up a project. While this may require some great photography, you might have questions like how can I avoid copyright infringement or where can I get free photos or royalty free stock photos?

Well, to answer that, there are in fact a lot of websites which offer great images for free. In fact, the internet is flooded with sites where you can download images for free. You might have to go through a lot of sites until you find the right one.


So in order to help you save some time and the trouble of going through junk, here's our roundup of the very best places to find free and legal stock photos online.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Author : Samden Sherpa

Source : http://www.gizbot.com/internet/features/the-very-best-websites-find-free-legal-stock-photos/slider-pf70888-038516.html


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Welcome to this year’s list of the best job search websites for 2016.

If you are new to job search, you probably have questions- how much money should I ask for, what questions will I be asked in an interview, what is the best way to find a job today, and many others. 

This definitive list is carefully curated for accurate, contemporary information and guidance from job search experts. I’ve compiled these resources based on several criteria: First, I regularly reference these sites myself to share quality content on social media. Two, in my opinion, the author(s)/publisher show an understanding of modern job search trends and methodologies. And third, these sites consistently provide answers to popular job search questions. Technically there are even more than 43 sites listed!

All these resources are free because I don’t support companies that take advantage of job seekers. However, most do offer workshops, books, courses or paid services. I think most people can conduct a successful job search without paying a lot of money, but… savvy job seekers and careerists know when they need to invest in themselves.


You will find sites listed in alphabetical order under each category (or reverse order, depending on my mood!)

43 Best Job Search Websites 2016

Career Sherpa Best Job Search Website 2016


Work Coach Cafe

This is the place to go for real stories and learn about job search topics like interviewing and you’ll workplace tips too!

US News & World Report’s On Careers

You’ll find many voices reporting and writing about job search and trends. including: Ask A Manager, Collegial Services, Vicki Salemi, Jobhuntercoach, Career Sherpa, Career Valet, Hallie Crawford, Robin Madell, Chrissy Scivicque and Peter Gudmundsson.

The Daily Muse

Great articles and information you’ll want for all aspects of your professional life! It covers career advice, job search, career paths, management, and more! There are even regular updates on cool companies you just may want to know about (because they are hiring)! You should also check out their free courses.

SmartBrief On Your Career

Sign up and receive content selected by the SmartBrief editors for help in all phases of managing your career. The regular newsletter is organized into sections: Getting Ahead, Making the Connections, The Landscape, Your Next Challenge (job search), The Water Cooler and SmartQuote. This link is to a sample of recent headlines, you can choose to subscribe here. (SmartBrief also has other industry summaries so I recommend you sign up for those relevant to your field!)

Levo League

This site contains content to help early careerists gain the advantage needed to succeed. “Levo arms you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs, and stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop.”


THE authoritative site for anyone in job search! It has everything you need for job search, at any stage of your career! You will find tons of great advice on all aspects of job search and career management. [Disclaimer: I am a job search navigation expert on this site]

Human Workplace

Liz Ryan is on your side, not HR’s. She provides honest, straight forward advice and insight to help empower you. You’ll easily recognize and remember her work because of the colorful artwork used in every article.


The tagline says it all: “every job is temporary.” You will find relevant job search and career advice provided by “trusted career experts.”

Career Attraction

You’ll find job search advice and tips from carefully vetted experts on many topics from resume writing to personal branding.


Looking for sample cover letters, resume samples, scripting on what to say? You’ll find it on these sites.

About Job Search by Alison Doyle

A rich resource with tons samples and examples.

Live Career Letter Examples

Easily and quickly customize your cover letter or any job search correspondence with these examples. There are also resume templates and articles, assessments and more!

Quintessential Careers

Quint Careers has so much more than sample cover letters. You’ll find articles on networking, interviewing and other job search trends. This is a go-to source for sample anything (cover letters, emails and resumes!)


Ask The Headhunter Nick Corcodolis

Nick speaks from a recruiter’s perspective, answering job search questions most other recruiters won’t or don’t.


If you are more seasoned (read older) job seeker, you need to understand the issues, biases and how you can spin your experience into a valuable asset!


Kerry Hannon is a AARP’s job expert and covers issues that the older job seeker has to know in order to compete. You’ll find all the issues you need to take into consideration while hunting down your next job as a more seasoned professional.

Career Pivot

Marc Miller’s focus is helping Boomers pivot into the next opportunity.


Savvy Intern

YouTern’s blog isn’t just for interns. The articles come from a variety of bloggers and apply to every job seeker! Always lots of great information!


You must understand what HR and recruiters are thinking and how they are finding talent today. Learn what their issues and concerns are and get into their heads. Armed with this information, you’ll be a smarter seeker and position yourself as a better candidate for them to work with!



Is an online gathering place for recruiters and serves as a forum for recruiters to network, share best practices, and learn from each other. If you want to better understand the challenges and issues faced by human resources and recruiting industries, this is the place to start.

Social Talent

Hiring professionals use social media, internet searches and many other methods, to source candidates. As a job seeker, you’re gonna want to understand some of their secrets. Hey, some of these hacks will help you learn about companies and people too!


Career Enlightenment

Joshua Waldman provides advice on how to use social media for your job search.

Career Sherpa

Shameless self plug. I write about new and existing social media tools to help you stay competitive in today’s job search!

Social-Hire (for candidates) 

Career & Interview Advice is where you’ll find new content published by writers and career pros. While there is a lot of information on this site, what I like is their “Our Top Picks For Candidates” which are hand-picked job search and professional networking articles from across the web.


LinkedIn is a category all in itself! Every working professional MUST BE using LinkedIn. It isn’t just an online resume, it is a networking tool and resource you’ll want to get familiar with. Use their iOS or Android apps for your smart phone too!


Linked Into Business by Viveka von Rosen

Pretty much the authority on all things LinkedIn, Viveka knows her stuff!

PowerFormula by Wayne Breitbarth

When I have a question about LinkedIn, I can be pretty sure that if Viveka doesn’t have the answer, Wayne does.


Besides talking to recruiters and people who do what you do, you can and should use these salary calculators to determine your value in the market place.

Specialty Job Boards

Searching the job boards is one of the least effective job search methods. Using specialty or niche job boards can be a better alternative. Depending on your industry or occupation, these may help you. Ask other people in your industry what niche job boards they use or recommend.


Dice is known as being a job board for technical candidates (IT, etc.) However, the news and advice on the site applies to many more types of job seekers as well. Typically, the tech scene is leading the way in recruiting trends, especially as we head into a more competitive hiring market. And, I think you’ll begin to see Dice leading the way with other forms of recruiting.


Because finding flexible jobs is difficult, this site helps round up all levels of legitimate opportunities. If you are looking for a telecommuting, part-time, freelance, or flextime job- you need to know about this site. It has job search advice for people looking for these types of jobs too!


HigherEd Jobs

Search for jobs at colleges and universities with this niche job board.


A listing of non-profit jobs, volunteer opportunities and internships.


Search for jobs directly on employer websites. LinkUp says they are “unlike job search boards and aggregators, we drive real job seekers directly to real jobs on real employers’ web sites. No hoaxes, scams or hurdles.”

USA Jobs

Looking for a government job? USA Jobs is the Federal Government’s official source for federal job listings across hundreds of federal agencies and organizations.

I don’t want to support your reliance and obsession with searching the job boards but if you must, here are ones you should

reference: Indeed.comSimplyHiredMonster.com and CareerBuilder are still good job boards. And don’t forget about CraigsList.



Sponsored by the Department of Labor, this site has information on starting your search, finding a career match, information on re-training, and more.


Use Glassdoor to research what employees are anonymously saying about companies, get salary information and learn what questions they’ve asked during interviews. Yes, they have job postings too!

Hidden Jobs site & app by Career Cloud

This site and app tracks company hiring announcements from newspapers, online media and company press releases. It’s one of a kind. Their instructions say follow the leads (ie. read the article) and google the company.


A web-based tool to organize and manage your job search! It goes far beyond a standard spreadsheet. It helps keep track of and manage relationships, job postings, target companies and more!


Do you want to know how your resume stacks up? Of course you do! This site will help you “optimize your resume keywords and get past resume screeners.” It compares your resume against the job posting you upload.

My Next Move

Research careers, assess your interests, and more. This is essentially a database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor,Employment & Training Administration, and developed by the National Center for O*NET Development.


Get serious about your job search and long-term career success. You’ll need to be find-able online. These tools make it very easy to develop a “one page” summary of your experience and improve search results for your name!


Easily create a single webpage highlighting you. List your other social media profiles, create lists, join a community of people who value online visibility.


This freemium product converts information from your LinkedIn profile into a robust personal website.


Use this tool to improve how your name ranks in search results and to improve your online visibility.


Job search apps come and go pretty quickly. I will cover newer apps on my site as they become popular.

Twitter List of Job Search Experts

Twitter has always been my favorite social network! Use it to read, learn and network! I’ve made it super simple for you to follow job search and career experts. You should try it!

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Source : http://careersherpa.net/43-best-job-search-websites-2016/

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