Back link is one of the most popular method for promoting a website, for it not only bring direct targeted traffic but it also has a big weight for search engine optimization purposes. It is also consider as white hat SEO technique which means that the system is completely legal and acceptable for every body. Back linking is completely free but there are some paid services for link building within reasonable price, once it was created, majority of them stays permanently. Here is some tip that for sure will help your link building campaign.

For an effective link building campaign, only link from reputable website that are related with the niche or topic you promote. If you’re website is all about food or recipe it is much effective to comment from food and recipe blogs. Make sure that the back link is on do follow website which means that search engine spider is allowed to crawl from the link going to your site. Use keywords as an anchor text as it adds value to the website with regards to anchor text keywords. Create one way back link campaign from high PR website which are highly value by google. Avoid linking from link farm to avoid penalty from search engine.

Link to website that offers permanent back link, article submission is one of the best method of making a link by including anchor text link on resource or author box towards your website. With article marketing, it not only give us a chance to make a pre-sell for the product or service that are being promoted but it also helps to optimized our website.


Creating is quality back link are very gruesome especially for a beginner especially if English is not your primary language. But there are a lots of services that are being offered in the web for article writing and submission services with in affordable price. Fiverr.com is highly recommendable for those who wish for services on a reasonable price.

Back linking strategy is a big factor to achieve success promoting a website, success of any web based business always depend on the quantity and the quality as well. Linking back when created scientifically usually offers a lot of quality traffic, I believe it is a science as back link is not created equally, success of link building campaign always depend on how it is created, we should always bear in our mind that back link is created not just to please our reader (which is very important) but to please search engine which is highly important.

Author: Daisy Espinosa
Source: http://forctr.com/make-search-engine-friendly-website-though-proper-link-building

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I am not sure where these myths come from, but someone asked Google's John Mueller in Friday's Google Hangout on Google+ at the 11:15 minute mark if it is something Google may penalize for if the site doesn't link out to other sites. The person said they heard Google issues penalties when site's don't link to other external sites.

John Muller from Google quickly said there is no such penalty.

The question asked was:

I heard that there is a penalty if I don’t link out from my domain to different domain from any of my pages. Is that truth? Is not linking out from any of my page harmful?

John responded:

No that's not correct.

So there is no penalty for not linking out, that's definitely not the case.
Obviously for users sometimes it makes sense to provide references and other websites that they can visit to to get more information on certain topics. So I think from a user experience point of view it's probably a good idea to have links on your pages.


But surely from a web spam point of view, from a Google indexing point of view you don't need to to put links on your pages.

John also told us there is no SEO benefit to link out, which was refuted by an SEO study later. There is definitely a fear of linking out which is sad.

John added his personal thoughts saying:

So I guess for me from a personal point of view, I really like to see links on other pages because it really kind of helps to keep the web a vibrant and that people go off and visit other things from time to time and they want to see different view points for the same type of information so that's something I certainly wouldn't suppress.

Which echoed what Gary Illyes said in a more "PC" way, where Gary said it's stupid not to link out and it makes him angry.

Source:  https://www.seroundtable.com/google-link-externally-penalty-22362.html

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