When Google demoed Android Nougat for the first time almost a year ago at Google I/O 2016, Instant Apps was one of the features that stood out, as a trick the iPhone didn’t have at the time and still doesn’t have now. But as hot as it may be, the feature wasn’t ready for public consumption when Google released the final Nougat build last year. However, things might change soon, as Google is apparently getting ready to enable it on devices running Android 7 as well as phones and tablets running older Android versions.

Instant Apps will let users enjoy instant app experiences on their smartphones without actually downloading a particular app for. Assuming it works as described, the feature will solve a bunch of problems.


First of all, it’ll help save storage on the phone, as you won’t have to keep an app installed just because you might have to use it every now and then. Secondly, you won’t have to buy an app to try it since developers will be able to offer a portion of an app to test for free. Finally, the Instant Apps features will work on most Android devices out there, not just Nougat-based ones, as it’s built on Google Play Services.

Looking at the code in the latest version of Google Play Store, 9to5Google discovered that Google might be getting ready to roll out Instant Apps. The code reveals that users will be able to enable or disable the feature and choose which Google account to use with an app.

Here’s Google’s demo of Instant Apps:

9to5Google also mentions several new features in the Google Play Store 7.8 update, including a Google Play app discovery service, a pre-registration rewards features for apps, and a new security branding for Verify Apps — that’s Play Protect.

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Security researchers have found a music player app in the Google Play Store, which has already been downloaded by thousands of users, to be riddled with malicious malware. Going by the name "Super Free Music Player", the app was uploaded to Google Play on 31 March and has already garnered between 5,000 and 10,000 downloads.

According to SophosLabs researcher Rowland Yu, the malware uses similar sophisticated techniques to evade detection by Google and security researchers that were previously seen in the BrainTest malware, such as the use of time bombs, domain or IP mapping and dynamic code loading.

Yu said the malware is able to download additional encrypted payloads from remote websites and upload a list detailing the infected device's information including its model, manufacture, SDK version, country, language and installed applications among other data.

In 2015, security firm Check Point discovered the BrainTest malware on a Nexus 5 smartphone which used various techniques to avoid detection and persistently remain on unsuspecting victims' infected devices. Although Google Play removed it from the app store, attackers repurposed it in the form of a music app.

"It came back to Google Play as Super Free Music Player and attracted 5,000 – 10,000 downloads," Yu said. "Sophos has detected them as Andr/Axent-DS."

SophosLabs said it has informed Google Play about their discovery.

The latest discovery comes as attackers continue to target Android users through malicious apps found in the official Google Play store. A recently discovered nasty strain of malware dubbed FalseGuide was found in a slew of Android apps including guides for popular games such as Fifa, Pokémon Go and World of Tanks. Experts warned that the malware could have infected nearly two million phones.


Another Android trojan called BankBot also targeted hundreds of applications on Google Play in an effort to steal mobile users' online banking credentials and payment card data.

This article was published in International Business Times By Hyacinth Mascarenhas

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The South Korean Giant has taken another stride and has released its Internet browser application for mobiles on the Google Play Store. This is the first time that a browser from Samsung is made available for smartphones from other brands. According to the company, the Internet browser app will work on all the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus Phones which run on Android 5.0 Lollipop or more but it isn’t available for all the countries yet.

The application is still in beta version, but it includes many new features like the support for 360 videos which will allow its user to enjoy 360-degree videos without using the Gear VR headset. Samsung also announced that those whose who install Samsung’s browser would receive the newest features that are added by the developers. Moreover, there is a picture-in-picture mode along with Amazon Shopping Assistant which will be letting its users compare prices on Amazon for different products.

Other features like web payments and DuckDuckGo search engine support is also included for better use of the services. There is also the inclusion of Content Blockers which allows 3rd party apps to provide filters for Content blocking and let its users browse clutter free without unnecessary content. There is also a Video assistant that lets the user switch between various video viewing modes, and the Pop-up player allows its user browse even while watching a video.

The browser also provides high-level security as the user’s needs to verify their identity before they get access to the browser. The user can either use a fingerprint sensor or a password, and there is also secret mode provided for the users. We are not sure when Samsung will be rolling out this app across the globe, but it is expected to happen soon. 

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Google has just published the official Daydream app in Play Store for Daydream compatible smartphones. Some users have already received Daydream View headsets, but all other preorders will start shipping tomorrow. Daydream view will be available in Google Store starting November 10, 2016, as reported earlier.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App Setup

The app sets the stage for the Daydream launch which will be the centre of the big push by the company in Virtual reality experience. Google is betting big on Virtual Reality by baking Daydream experience within Android Nougat while working on the framework in time.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App Setup

According to reports, the company is collaborating with major YouTube content creators to ensure that YouTube has Daydream content ready on the launch day. The company has also launched YouTube VR app which is compatible with Daydream platform.

Google Daydream App Setup

Google Daydream App

Other partners like Warner Brothers, and CNN have launched their Daydream compatible apps in the Play Store, hinting at the imminent launch of Daydream. Partner apps like CNN VRHunters GateMekorama VRFantastic BeastsThe Guardian VR and Google Street View have landed in the Play Store.

Google Daydream Apps

Google Daydream apps

We tried installing Daydream app on devices not compatible with daydream using the APK but couldn’t make the app to work. Daydream app continued to request for us to update Google VR Services, even though we installed the latest app from the Play Store.

Google Daydream YouTube VR , Daydream UI

YouTube VR and Google Daydream UI

One thing to note is that the Daydream app will request you to add a Payment option during the setup without any option to skip. The screenshots show use the Daydream lock screen, home screen and Google Play Store. The app setup issues basic instructions and warnings before using Daydream view. According to these instructions, the user should be at least 13 years or older to use the headset.

Google Daydream Homescreen

Google Daydream Homescreen

During the setup the user should fine a comfortable fit and be aware of the surroundings. The users should be seated or standing and not walk around while using the headset and should take regular breaks while using the headset. The app advises users to stop using the headset immediately if the user experiences nausea, eye strain or disorientation.

Source : tech.firstpost

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During the Google I/O on March 18, 2016, Google is expected to reveal its plan to access the Google Play Store from the chromebook. (Photo : YouTube/ CNET)

Google is finally rolling out the much needed Google Play Family Library feature that would allow families to share their paid apps, TV shows and movies inside their home for free.
Apple already has a Family Sharing feature for their iTunes app and content for several years now and the search engine giant has just recently unveiled a feature for their own Google Play Store. Members of a family can now share their content with each other without having to pay for it again or to give away their account details.

Google Play Family Library allows users to pay with their own credit card or from the main account provided they have access, The Verge has learned. It can work for up to six different accounts and across multiple devices as well.

The search engine giant is rolling out the new Google Play Family Library feature in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Users inside the Family Library can also choose whether they would like to share a content with a specific account or not.

For instance, an adult themed movie could be shared with other adults in the family but not with the kids' account. Parents inside the Google Play Family Library will also have the option to approve first the purchases of their children, Forbes reported.

It could then give parents the much needed control over app purchases as kids can sometimes buy as much as thousands of dollars even without the consent of adults. It was a glaring problem as parents often just gave their tablets and smartphones to their children without locking their account purchase capabilities first.

Apps and content that have been bought with the Google Play Family Library will be allowed to be used or consumed in other Android and ChromeOS devices. It can even allow the content to be used in other iPhones and iPads provided that a Google account is used.

Google is now rolling out the new Google Paly Family Library feature across the said countries and regions. It is unclear whether the search engine giant will still release the feature into more areas in the future.


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