Check out the experimental version of a Google search app designed for slower internet connections that Google is currently testing.


Android Police reports Google is testing a new lightweight version of their search app in Indonesia and maybe India, to see how they can speed up their search services in locations where internet speeds are on the slower side.

The interface provides many of the same features as the main search app but somewhat dumbed down, probably for speed purposes. You can access features like search, news, images, top sites, weather, nearby, translate and switch to offline mode, personalize it and give Google feedback — whereas the main search app puts all of this directly in the main screen and loads it all for you right away.

“Just like the regular Google Search app, Search Lite can perform voice and text searches, but the search bar is more easily accessible on the bottom of the display and shows suggested keyword additions just on top of it when you perform a search,” Android Police said.

Here are some screen shots of the interface from Android Police:nexus2cee google search lite indonesia 2

nexus2cee google search lite indonesia 1

nexus2cee google search lite indonesia 3

nexus2cee google search lite indonesia 4
Android Police also found the APK if you want to try it out yourself. Keep in mind this is an experimental release and might have bugs.

Google is always working on optimizing experiences for slow connections, including a lightweight mobile interface, streamlined version, light mode and many more

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With the new 6.11 version of Bing's iOS search app, results for a "homes for sale + zip code" query returns real estate listings for specified zip codes.

Bing rolled out updates to its iOS search app today, ranging from new video features to malicious website warnings and real estate searches.

According to the app’s iTunes preview, users can now create video lists from video search results and music videos. To make searching more safe, Bing has added warnings for malicious websites.

It also fixed bugs in the app that were causing certain answers not to display properly.

Included in the update is a new real estate search feature, making it possible to see real estate listings for a specific zip code using a “homes for sale + zip code” query.

bing real estate search

The real estate search feature appears to work only with densely populated zip codes. It worked when I searched for a nearby Louisville, Kentucky zip code, but failed to pull listings when I used my own – much less populated – zip code in Southern Indiana.

Author : Amy Gesenhues

Source : http://searchengineland.com/bing-updates-ios-search-app-new-ways-create-video-lists-find-homes-sale-269061

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