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Tornado touches down near highway in Canada in dramatic video

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Video from Alberta, Canada on Friday shows a monstrous tornado touching down as cars continue to drive towards the storm on a nearby highway.

Environment Canada, the government agency tasked with sending out weather alerts, said the tornado was produced by a thunderstorm, CTV reported.

Environment Canada had issued a warning for parts of the Kneehill County area shortly after 5 p.m. Friday due to an "eyewitness report" of a possible tornado, CTV reported. By 5:27 p.m., the storm had produced a tornado.

The twister, which touched down near the Wimborne community, damaged property but resulted in no deaths or injuries, according to CTV.

Shortly after the twister touched down, Environment Canada said the tornado had lifted and that "the threat of a future tornado is no longer imminent."

The agency, however, warned that there was still a risk of large hail and wind gusts that could cause damage to buildings, trees, and cars.

Don Wolff, a resident of Three Hills, described the twister to CTV as "a big funnel with a lot of dirt and what seemed like farm fields stuff going up into the heavens.”

According to Canada's Global News, Alberta normally experiences about 15 tornadoes each year, typically between April and September.

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