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Traveller's tips: 10 quick tips to get a cheap airfare


It's getting harder every year to get a decent cheap airfare. The prices go up, inflation increases and the EGP-to-USD rate is getting worse. So knowing how to fly for cheap is no longer a luxury, but very important basic knowledge. 

Luckily there are many tricks that will help keep the prices down.

1 — Hidden flights trick

Without getting technical, sometimes it's cheaper to reach you destination (let’s say Ethiopia) by booking a ticket to somewhere else (South Africa, for example) with a stop at Addis-Ababa. This is sometimes called the "hidden-flight" trick.


Why did i use Ethiopia? Because this trick works mainly inside Africa and inside the US.

To find such tickets use this cool website: skiplagged.com

And don't worry, it's legal. But make sure to buy a one-way ticket, and have only a carry-on bag so you can skip the second leg of your flight safely.

2 — Be flexible

If there was just one trick to get the best airfare, this would be it. Being flexible at least +/- 3 days of your intended departure time will almost always help you get a cheaper ticket.

Make sure to not only search for one date. Make sure to check around your dates for better fares. Use Meta engines like skyscanner.com to search around.

3 — Go budget airlines

Did you try traveling from Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh? Some budget airlines, such as Easyjet, Nile Air and Air Berlin, fly from these airports. And their prices are insanely cheap!

Last year, I took a flight from Hurghada to Milano, paying only EGP 300! (This would be around EGP 600 now.) But to be able to use such airlines you have to pay attention to the next trick.

4 — Drop the luggage

One of the best ways to fly cheaper is to go with a backpack or a carry-on luggage only. Budget airlines give you very cheap fares if you go without bags. Also, EgyptAir recently introduced a new cheaper-than-economy fare for those who bring no luggage for the hold! So start learning how to pack efficiently and drop the luggage!

5 — Take a red-eye flight

Nobody loves traveling late at night or very early in the morning. That’s why these flights are always cheaper. So get ready to eat the cake that nobody wants and aim for a red-eye flight for better fares. You can always sleep on the plane, right?

6 — Land in a different city

I know you aim to go to Marseille, but did you consider landing in Paris and taking a bus or a train? Sometimes leaving from or landing at a different city in the country you aim to visit might be much cheaper.

Next time you consult skyscanner.com for a trip, don't enter your city, enter the country — and wish for some luck.

7 — Land in a different country

Extreme? Perhaps. But this could seriously save you some bucks. Travelling direct to Belgium, for example, is always expensive. So more than once I took a cheap budget flight to Dusseldorf, then a 20-euro train ride to Brussels. It saved me a hell of a lot of money!

8 — Go incognito

Always search flights in incognito mode (on Chrome, press CTRL+SHIFT+N and you will be there). It's the mode where the airlines and search engines can't put cookies to track your activity. Because if they think you have visited them before, they will assume you will more than likely book this time, so they will bump the price up a little. Don't fall for that.

9 — Use debit cards

When paying for your flight online, there is always some kind of fee to pay if you are using a credit card. But most of the time debit cards don't incur fees. So do that or use cash if possible.

10 — Try two one-way flights

Most people search for a return flight when travelling. And it's usually cheaper. But not all the time. Try searching for every leg individually; sometimes you might get a better fare. This is especially true if you are willing to travel out to a different city from the one you fly back from. A huge moneysaver. 

Author : Nour El-din Ebrahim

Source : http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/8/27/254028/Travel/News/Travellers-tips--quick-tips-to-get-a-cheap-airfare.aspx


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