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WhatsApp now lets you secure your messages behind Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone

Author:  [This article is originally published in fastcompany.com written by Mark Wilson]

[This article is originally published in fastcompany.com written by Mark Wilson - Uploaded by AIRS Member: Deborah Tannen] 

An update to the Facebook-owned messaging app has just been released for the iPhone that adds an extra layer of security for WhatsApp users on Apple’s devices. Users can now choose to enable Face ID or Touch ID to securely keep the app locked down and its messages out of prying eyes.


The new setting can be accessed by updating WhatsApp to the latest version, then launching that app and tapping the Settings tab. Next, tap Account, then Privacy and tap the field titled “Screen Lock.” On the next screen toggle the switch to ON (green) next to where it says “Require Face ID” or “Require Touch ID,” depending on what model of iPhone you have. You can then set how long a lag you want the app to require the biometric authentication for after its closing–between immediately and up to one hour later.

Though iPhones are already protected with biometric authentication, it’s a nice security touch that Facebook is adding biometric authentication directly to the WhatsApp app too. This means you can feel safe lending your friend across the table your phone so they can look up something on the web while now knowing they can’t launch your WhatsApp app and noisily read your messages at the same time.

Hopefully this is an added layer of security that more messaging and social media apps will implement in the future.

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