Sunday, 08 January 2017 22:57

Woman sues to have her name removed from search engines


A New York City woman, who was victimized by revenge porn, has taken the unprecedented step of suing the three major search engines to permanently delete her name from their systems.

The unnamed plaintiff's suit asks Google, Yahoo and Bing to remove her full name from their search engines because pages of porn-related material appear when her name is searched, according to the New York Post. The plaintiff was victimized in November 2015 when her ex-boyfriend posted sex tapes and even though the videos have been removed, other X-rated reference still come up when her name is searched.

The Post quoted her lawyer Ryanne Konan as saying there is no precedent for the case, but noted the change is needed as the search engine results are negatively impacting her life.

Konan believes the court will find in favor of his client because a person has a right to their name, a thought was disabused by other experts, the Post wrote.


Source : https://www.scmagazine.com/woman-sues-to-have-her-name-removed-from-search-engines/article/629600/

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