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Wow! You won’t believe this is the most googled beauty trend of 2017!


Yes, 2017 has just started and trends have already begun. You won’t believe what the most googled beauty trend of this year so far has been.  Google recently came up with a report that was made based on their google search engine. The beauty trend is nothing but applying a face mask. This has topped the list and more people are looking for this.One of the reasons for this rising trend are also celebrities who put up posts of their face mask selfies also know as the sheet mask selfies. People are resorting to Google to look for the perfect face mask, products related to it and how exactly to get their mask on. ALSO 

The report stated that masks have always been a very important thing in Japan, In fact over the last five years, the demand for face masks has only grown. This trend is growing and now it can be seen all over the world including Us and France.


Have you tried this trend yet? If not, we suggest that you should. You do not really have to go too far to get this done. With so many face mask products available in the market and online as well, you are just some steps away form achieving a perfect skin. From eye masks to gel lip masks, there is everything that you are looking for.

Just log into your Instagram account, and you will see numerous beauty bloggers putting up videos of applying face masks,. This trend is all over social media and we are not complaining.

The reports also stated that the search for home made face masks are more compared to ready made products. This is obvious since it is a lot cheaper and thee red no side effects. People are looking for turmeric and activated charcoal products.

Author : Shreya Suresh Kumar

Source : http://www.india.com/lifestyle/wow-you-wont-believe-this-is-the-most-googled-beauty-trend-of-2017-1895709/

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