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Yahoo’s Top Searches of 2016 Revealed, Google Doesn’t Make Top 10 Companies


Yahoo has revealed its top searches throughout 2016 in a detailed year in review, which also includes searches from sister companies Polyvore, Tumblr, and Flickr. This mark’s Yahoo’s 15th year in review.

Yahoo’s overall top searches include:

  1. 2016 Election
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Roblox
  4. Gwen Stefani
  5. 2016 Olympics
  6. Khloe Kardashian
  7. Megyn Kelly
  8. Jodie Sweetin
  9. Kim Kardashian-West
  10. Hillary Clinton

Yahoo’s top news stories, according to Yahoo News, include:

  1. Election Day
  2. Prince Dies
  3. Pulse Nightclub Massacre
  4. Deadly Attack in Istanbul
  5. Hurricane Matthew
  6. Baton Rouge Police Shooting
  7. EgyptAir Flight 804 Located
  8. Trump Protests
  9. Clinton Emails
  10. Presidential Debates

While going through the report I couldn’t help but notice the omission of Google from the list of top companies according to Yahoo Finance. This list is generated based on top-read stories in the Yahoo Finance section, not top searches. However, it’s still a glimpse into what Yahoo searchers are interested in reading about, or not interested in reading about for that matter.


Yahoo’s list of top companies, according to Yahoo Finance, include:
  1. Apple
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Bank of America
  5. Amazon
  6. Tesla
  7. Alibaba
  8. Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  9. Ford
  10. Wells Fargo

As one of the world’s top companies you may expect Google to be included in this list with the likes of Apple and Facebook. Not to mention, outside of the search world, Google made headlines with the release of the Pixel phone, Allo messenger, and Home personal assistant.

Apparently that was not enough to help Google crack the top 10 most-read-about companies in Yahoo Finance this year. It will be interesting to see the contrast when Google releases its top searches report later this year.

Source : https://www.searchenginejournal.com

Auhtor : Matt Southern

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