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Volunteer-based internet surveys should not be used to represent broader public opinion, given their lack of a theoretical basis in survey research principles, according to a detailed report by the nation’s leading association of public opinion researchers. “Researchers should avoid nonprobabil...
A Recently Published Responsive Management Journal Article Outlines Why Online Surveys Continue to Yield Inaccurate, Unreliable, and Biased Data   INTERNET OR ONLINE SURVEYS have become a popular and attractive way to measure opinions and attitudes of the general population and more specific ...
Jenny Marlar of The Gallup Organization moderated this AAPOR Annual Conference session today on sampling and data quality concerns for online surveys. The Performance of Different Calibration Models in Non-Probability Online Surveys Julia Clark and Neale El-Dash of Ipsos Public Affairs looked at c...
The Problem: "Cybersmut" The Internet, including e-mail, Usenet, and the World Wide Web, provides those connected to it an unprecedented amount of information at one location: the home, office, library or school computer. The information available on the Internet is seemingly limitless-in quantity ...
Introduction Censorship of information on the Internet has become a much publicized debate that currently has no resolution in sight. There is a great controversy as to whether or not censorship is a necessity in order to maintain a particular moral standard. In the case that there should be a stan...
ABSTRACT This article attempts to convey the joys and frustrations of skimming the Internet trying to find relevantinformation concerning an academic’s work as a scientist, a student or an instructor. A brief overview ofthe Internet and the “do’s and don’ts” for the neophyte as well for t...
On Jan. 1, a little-noticed, but important milestone in the history of the internet marks its 30th anniversary. It was on this date in 1983 that ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network -- the world's first operational packet switching network and the progenitor of what was to become the g...
  • Tuesday, 02 June 2015 22:44
  • By:
I have spent the past few days doing research on traditional telecenter sustainability. By traditional, I mean telecenters that charge a small fee for offline (photocopying, mobile charging etc.) and online services (Internet access) to meet their costs. While the news is rather bleak, I have stumbl...
Part of the KevinMD toolkit series. “How can I find a doctor online?” A seemingly simple question, but patients are often confronted with too much information on the Internet, with variable quality. Finding a doctor a similar to completing a puzzle. Like puzzle pieces, there are many resource...
When you’re looking to research a product, where do you go? The Internet. When you’re hoping to find out more about a business, where do you go? The Internet. So, it makes sense to go to the Internet to check out potential employees, right? “It is generally not, per se, wrongful or otherwise ...

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