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CIRS Certification Program

CIRS Certification Program FAQs

The Certificate in CIRS® for an Internet Research Industry is an ideal training program for individuals interested in taking up online research as a serious skill. AIRS® introduces the first of its kind industry specific certification CIRS® or Certified Internet Research Specialists. The CIRS® credentials signifies the professional level qualification to practice as an Internet Research Specialist.

Certification Program FAQs

CIRS Certification Faq
The CIRS Certification objective is to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group of people involved in online research work. Ironically, while the Internet Research work has been going on for many years, an “Internet Research Specialist” is considered a fairly new occupation that has yet to make its way into formal libraries of new job description today. As a consequence of its newness, there is no structured curriculum on its education and training. AIRS is the first and only certification that meets this challenge by offering CIRS certification program – CIRS has thus far the most comprehensive curriculum and a well rounded subject matter that fulfils the industry requirements.
Why does AIRS have a Certification Program?
  • Address the dire need of a well-structured and uniform education credentials for the job description of “Internet Research Specialists”.
  • Promote awareness of online researcher as a profession that requires specialized skills.
  • Enhance the credibility, transparency and accountability of the Internet Researchers.
  • Maintain and regulate professional standards of the trade globally.
  • Deliver constant knowledge upgrades for the Certified Online Researchers through continued professional education (CPE) in this dynamic information overload era.
  • Assist in developing educated and well informed online researchers.
  • Develop online professional researcher’s community.
  • Develop confidence to the employers, recruiters and contractors when hiring or engaging.
  • Enhances the status of the Internet Research Specialists to speak for Online Research Professionals globally.
  • Develop a sense of pride for the professionals through designation of CIRS® and affiliation with AIRS as their representative professional body.
Why should one be concerned about certification?
Where can I utilize my skills if I become a CIRS?
What is the recognition value of this certification?
Who prepares the syllabus and the course of CIRS certification?
What are the Benefits offered to CIRS Certified?

Taking The CIRS Exam FAQ

How do you register for the exam?
  • The registration for the CIRS® Certification exam is done online through our website.
  • Buy exam from E-Shop
What is the cost of the CIRS exam?
How is the examination structured?
How do I prepare for the exam?
What happens if I can't take the exam within the 90-day?
Can AIRS reschedule my exam if I can't take it during the 90-days window?
How is the exam scored?
Do I have to sign in immediately to start the exam?
How are the exam questions delivered?
When will I receive my results?
What happens if I pass?
What happens if I fail?
What happens if I lose connectivity during my exam?
When is the certification issued?
What is validity of certification?
If I experience issues registering for my exam, who should I contact?

Membership FAQs

Certification Program FAQs
Why become a member?
  • AIRS membership highlights your recognizing that the Internet Research is an acquired skill when performing serious research. For many, that are already in the field of Knowledge Management, Information Analysis and Professional Research, their membership shows a higher level of dedication towards improving on Digital Media Research Skills.
  • AIRS membership comes with many benefits. Members Discounts on E-Shop Products, Education Material, Webinars, Seminars, Live Classes, Examination Vouchers, you will have full access to AIRS Knowledge Base that increases your subject knowlege of Internet Search Techniques, Search Engines Technology and Internet Laws. A member can view, submit and share articles, blogs, links, and video files. A members forum serves to share and exchange information, ideas, solve industry problems and highlight industry issues.  
  • If you recognize the complexities of finding just the right information with Internet Search and like to learn more about the subject in a structured manner, then, AIRS membership is just the right step to get you going. 
What are the benefits of memberships?
What is the cost of becoming a AIRS Members?
How do I apply for Membership?
How do I cancel my membership?
Can I get a Refund on my membership?
Is there a Trial Period for membership?
Are there any Special Discounts on Membership Fee?
What are the Benefits offered to Certified Members?

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