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Achieving the CIRS designation was a capstone moment in my career. Along with the experience and reputation I gained in the qualitative research industry, my time on the AIRS board, and the advantage of starting out in smaller research companies where you had to wear many different hats, it helped me get where I am today. The CIRS added credentials to my name when I ran my own consulting practice and when I taught for three years at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). The honour in having the exam developed and marked by industry gurus helped validate that I’ve got a broad skill set to bring to the table. Now I feel part of an elite group of researchers who have seen the value and importance in testing and certifying their knowledge base, and who demonstrate the ongoing high research and ethical standards which is a CIRS requires. I’m proud to hang the CIRS designation on my wall at Vision Critical and to encourage others to pursue the designation. Jose @ 2017-10-02, 23:56
Being a member of AIRS Association, I can connect with research professionals who understand and appreciate the value of creatively engaging with their audience and continually strengthening their designation equity. Eric V. Beaudoin @ 2017-10-01, 20:17
I chose to become Board Certified to support the movement of a unified certification among Researchers. Nationally, we can recognize one another as professionals. Martin Grossner @ 2017-10-01, 19:02
Whether you’re already CIRS Certified, in the process of becoming Certified Internet Research Specialist, or still considering it CIRS Certification is right for you, we believe it’s important to hear testimonials straight from those who have achieved it—as well as those who can testament to its true value throughout our profession and beyond. Michelle Fuchs @ 2017-09-30, 22:18
I chose to become CIRS Certified because I’m proud to be a Certified Internet Research Specialist and I wanted to let the world know how much I love this profession. I’ve done so much in my career, and I wanted to elevate myself to the next level. Beyond that, I’ve seen a lot of job postings for Research Analyst recently that require applicants to be CIRS. I believe this is the positive direction our profession is headed, and I want to be along for the journey. Bridget Miller @ 2017-09-25, 22:28
AIRS Education, Training, and certification have complimented me on the job training and continues to further educate me in this field of Research Analyst. AIRS numerous resources available to members is a valuable collection of knowledge and accessible to members. I cherish my AIRS membership and am grateful for all it has to offer. Carol R. Venuti @ 2017-09-10, 20:06
I searched about various internet research programs but I think I have found the real one now ..! William A. Woods @ 2017-08-28, 21:03
This is truly an option for me to come here and study more about "Internet Research" because I think this is the best Internet research certification in the world. Giovanna Nickson @ 2017-08-04, 21:04
"I took CIRS courses to earn credentials that will help in getting freelance research work. I thought that, since I thought I know all about doing the research on the Internet, I need not learn more and I only needed a certificate. I was wrong in my assumptions, and I found out how much of the things I did not know before, I was naive. I will recommend that anyone who thinks they know research work with the Internet without proper training are in for a surprise. Taking the CIRS course is a must-have skill for everyone." Robert Hensonw @ 2017-02-05, 15:49
"The association is a great source of finding the online information where-about. The Internet search has become skill-set that I needed to learn for my ongoing research work. I am a journalist and occasional research help for my employer. I have fallen in love with the AIRS group for what they bring to people like myself. They have a lot of information on their website for Internet information search. I visit them religiously every single day, especially to read the articles they compile on a daily basis" Olivia Russell @ 2017-01-15, 15:50
I am a Certified Research Specialist from AIRS. The courses I took were very extensive and well laid out curriculum-wise, they covered a lot of ground in making sure that anyone who likes to do professional research gets a thorough understanding of search engines. I am not exactly a technical person but I have been applying research in various aspect of my profession. The CIRS course made me understand the true working of search engines and how they are configured and what to do exactly to extract the information we need. This is indeed a science in itself. I feel more confident in using the Internet for my information needs, and yes! I am also certified, how about that! Alex Grey @ 2017-01-10, 15:47

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