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AIRS Board of Directors

Naveed Manzoor

Naveed Manzoor

Naveed Manzoor
Designation: CEO & Board Member
Region: Toronto - Canada
Board Member Elected: Yes


Mr. Manzoor is an experienced Information Technology professional with expertise in “Search Engines Technology Development”. He has worked extensively on search questions recognition intelligence within search engines instead of just keyword inserts and phrases. He has built a "Natural Language Speech Recognition Intelligence Search Engine" that would recognize “Actual Questions and Understand Intent behind the Search”. He is the creator of patent ready proprietary design on natural language recognition next generation search engine. He holds sole copyrights for innovative application and business models. He has authored a paper on "Taxonomic Query Search Engine - Essential Elements for Next Generation Search on the Internet".Mr. Manzoor holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the USA along with BS in Business and Finance.

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