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Certifications Track Courses

In an increasingly projectized world, AIRS professional certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the demands of projects and employers across the globe.

Track 1

Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS)

The CIRS Examination covers the following four 4 modules and 13 Units.

  • CIRS Exam Module 1 – Networks & Internet Technology
  • CIRS Exam Module 2 – Research Methods and Online Research
  • CIRS Exam Module 3 – Business of Online Research
  • CIRS Exam Module 4 – Internet Law & Ethical Concepts of Research
Track 2

Networks & Internet Technology - CIRS Module I

This course covers the following Module 1 and 2 Units.

The online researcher will gain knowledge and understanding of how the Internet connects and work. They will learn the fundamentals of electronic information transfers and communications. An online researcher uses web browsers as a basic tool with complex functions; it is important that they know its basic working and how it gets the final product from information resource...

Research Methods & Online Research - CIRS Module II

This course covers the following Module 2 and 7 Units.

The Research Methods includes fundamentals of conventional research. The approach explained in this section covers the industry’s research standards, conventions and methods practiced today by research practitioners. This is an area where the research specialists learn different approaches towards research – They are advised on how to handle research projects and to organize and interpret research results...

Business of Online Research - CIRS Module III

This course covers the following Module 3 and 2 Units.

The Business of Research is an important module for those researchers that are interested in setting up their professional practice as Independent Research Specialists. The main objective of this module is to provide a general understanding of setting up a research business and performing its operational management. The module explains steps to take from the time project are accepted and up until its final delivery...

Internet Law & Ethics of Research - CIRS Module IV

This course covers the following Module 4 and 2 Units.

Internet Law also referred as "Cyber Law" encompasses all transactions and activities on the internet. The collaborative nature of the internet and its vast expansion has led to numerous legal challenges making "Internet Law" a critical perspective concerning the Internet. The objective of this module is to introduce research specialists to the domain of legalities on Internet and teach them how to minimize their liabilities and mitigate legal risks. 

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AIRS is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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