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Certification Benefits

The certification offered by AIRS is a way to gain a level of expertise in finding, compiling and organizing information using the Internet for the research projects. One of the most significant challenges of performing Internet research today is that there are numerous sources of information available online, and it can be difficult to find accurate information through the use of common Internet research tools and keywords alone.

Benefits of CIRS Certification

Factors Influencing Income Levels


As in many other professions, a hands-on experience is a major factor that can increase a freelance Internet researcher's income. A more experienced researcher understands the market, the bidding process, knows the right pricing to quote – they have more client references and possess the relevant knowledge to deliver projects on time when compared to career starter.  While there is no substitute for experience in the field, solid education credentials and certification such as CIRS in the field may overcome such barrier.

Subject Knowledge

Having a sound subject knowledge in your area of research is the key to finding more research work and to gain respect as a professional. Being a research specialist entails that you have the educational background and the experience in the chosen field of research. This, however, is not enough when you are expected to perform the actual research work. Finding the digitized information on the Internet requires specialized skills. A researcher should also have the ability to organize, interpret and present a meaningful report. Certain areas of concern that are ignored by “do-it-yourself” research expose clients and the employers to the risks of legal implications, obligations, and liabilities associated with using web content are only some of the issues which a CIRS learns in their coursework.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, doesn't report job trend data for freelance Internet researchers, but they do for market research analysts, a closely related career. The BLS reports that jobs for market research analysts will increase 41 percent over the next decade, which is nearly three times the growth rate of the average occupation. Businesses often rely on Internet researchers to make savvy business decisions and execute marketing strategies.

Industry Certification

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for Internet research specialists. This is due to the digital information overload, where more information is getting digitized every single minute than can be accessed or indexed as web pages. No matter which profession you are into the most informed decision you make involves some sort of research and a quick one. But, to think that one can get the right information by throwing some keywords to search engine is not the solution. Performing Internet research is a science and also an art; especially, when it comes to keywords selection, using shortcodes, notations, symbols and methodologies of searching the web. Having a formal certification like CIRS will ensure that you have sufficient knowledge and a credibility to gain confidence from employers and the clients.

Who can use a CIRS Certification?

Generally, researchers are categorized based on the type of research they do and the services offered by them. Examples:

Career Advise

To further develop your career, you may wish to consider specializing in doing research in a specific subject area or areas. You may wish to begin with a subject with which you already have a great deal of familiarity. For example, you may wish to offer your services in researching topics that you studied in school or that you have dealt with on a regular basis in your employment or as part of a hobby or long-term interest. The stronger your vocabulary in a subject area, the better your research will be.
Many companies and individuals rely on research to effectively do business or make important decisions. In some cases, companies and individuals may hire an Internet researcher to do their research for them.
One of the most significant challenges of performing this kind of research is that there are numerous sources of information available online, and it can be difficult to target accurate information through the use of common Internet research tools. If you become a CIRS, you will be expected to evaluate these tools and learn how to use them to efficiently seek out the information that your clients or employer needs.
With the exception of librarians, there is no other focused group of researchers that can claim to have formal knowledge of the subject. An Internet researcher is typically expected to demonstrate that he can find accurate information, on time and in a useful format using the internet.
While there is no specific licensure required to do this type of work, many people take classes in finding reference sources, database research, data mining, web analytics and research marketing intelligence, etc. These may be of use in developing professional competencies and marketing themselves to potential employers and clients. You may also find that taking courses provided by vendors of proprietary databases and research tools to be very helpful.
Several colleges and universities offer degrees and certificate programs in library science or competitive intelligence that may provide you with training in using Internet-based resources. Holding an educational credential in such a program may also make it easier for you to become an Internet researcher, given that employers or prospective clients may perceive you to have greater expertise than self-taught researchers.
If going back to school is not an option for you, you may still want to look into short-term training programs. For example, you may want to take a continuing education course in Internet research skills such as AIRS CIRS.

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