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Certification Objectives

CIRS Certification Learning Objectives

Many companies and individuals rely on research to effectively do business or make important decisions. In some cases, companies and individuals may hire an Internet researcher to do their research for them. Performing an online research is a learned skill that requires specialized training and industry recognition of a full-time profession.

At AIRS we have dedicated an education program that provides training material and a certification examination to address this new and dynamic job description of Internet Research Specialist. It is now required that professional researchers owe it to themselves to seek structured certification programs and stay in touch as new materials and new tools transform research problems from very difficult or impossible to quick and simple tasks by getting involved in a more centralized way through associations such as AIRS.

CIRS certification objective is to educate and train online researchers that now form a significantly large group of people involved in online research work. Ironically, while the Internet Research work has been going on for many years, an “Internet Research Specialist” is considered a fairly new occupation that has yet to make its way into formal libraries of new job description today. As a consequence of its newness, there is no structured curriculum on its education and training. AIRS is the first and only certification that meets this challenge by offering CIRS certification program – CIRS has thus far the most comprehensive curriculum and a well rounded subject matter that fulfills the industry requirements.

Provide Easy to Follow and Helpful Information

Provide easy to follow and helpful information on locating and retrieving files, using databases effectively, and taking advantage of shareware and freeware; complete guides for using online libraries, free research and commercial databases, news feeds, scholarly articles, social media and discussion groups for research.

Train Researchers

Train researchers in the science and art of performing research using public Internets.

Teach How to Solve Research Problems

Teach how to solve research problems in new and creative ways through valuable tips, while providing and identifying powerful tools for performing online research;

Newly Evolved Internet's Legal Issue

Inform researchers on the newly evolved Internet's "Legal Issues and Ethical Concerns."

Answer Research Questions

Train researchers to use the Internet and answer real research questions in the most effective manner possible.

Demystify the Technology

Demystify the technology used in accessing information through the Internets in order to better understand the questions such as;
+ Where does the information reside?
+ How is the information indexed and stored?
+ How the information is accessed?
+ The Working of Search Engines.

Teach Methods to Organize Information

To teach methods that separate, avoid and recognize irrelevant, incoherent and unreliable information from the internet.

Offer Formal Certification

To offer formal certification and online education.

Certified Internet Research Specialists - CIRS Certificate


Certified Internet Research Specialists

The CIRS® is the foremost industry credential that signifies the professional level qualification for practicing Internet Research Specialist.

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AIRS is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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