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Certified Internet Research Specialist

The First of its kind - A Gold Standard Certification for Practioners of Online Research.

Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS)® Training Guide 3rd Edition

These books are developed as a Self-study Training Guide to assist you in preparing for the CIRS® examination. The set of books is most suitable as a  Practical Guide or Reference for mastering the art of Online Research by anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool for information gathering - Learning topics in these books will serve to assist you in applying the practical approach in building complex search queries and using search tools.

Even if you are someone that is starting a career involving extensive online research with a very little technical background, you will find that the book will start you with the basic concepts and gradually take you to the expert levels fairly quickly - this is due to the use of simple english combined with plenty of screenshots captured as exhibits – It contains hundreds of practical examples, easy to follow illustrations, diagrams, charts, graphs and several lists of information resources and links.

The course for the CIRS® certification exam is divided into two parts.

  • CIRS® Training Guide for Professional Online Research [VOLUME 1]
  • CIRS® Training Guide for Online Investigative Research [VOLUME 2]

Both volumes of this course series are divided into Modules (or Main Topics) - In version 3.0 of the Training Guides (both volumes), there are ten (10) Modules together (Volume-1 with 4 Modules and Volume-2 with 6 Modules). - [Note: Students taking online classes will find the Units are split into several Lessons ].

Certified Internet Research Specialist Training Course

CIRS Examination Syllabus

CIRS® Training Guide for Professional Online Research [VOLUME 1] – Modules & Units Overview

Networks, Internet & Web Technology

  • Networks & Internet Technology – Unit 1
  • Internet Browsers & Web Application Technology – Unit 2



Research Methods & Online Research

  • Research Methods & Methodology – Unit 3
  • Research Planning – Unit 4
  • Internet Research Challenges – Unit 5
  • Information of the Internet – Unit 6
  • Reading SERP’s & Web-page Links – Unit 7
  • Advance Internet Search Methods & Techniques – Unit 8
  • Browser Adjustments & Personalization – Unit 9

Business of Research for Independent Research Professionals

  • Essentials of Starting Internet Research Business – Unit 10
  • Internet Research Business, Essential Tools & Software’s – Unit 12



Introduction to Cyber Law & Emerging Legal Issues

  • Internet Law – Introduction to Cyber Laws – Unit 12
  • Internet Ethics – Introduction to Ethical Issues of the Internet – Unit 13

CIRS® Training Guide for Online Investigative Research [VOLUME 2] –Modules & Units Overview

Social Media Information Sourcing & Verification

  • Social Media Information & Data Collection Source – Unit 14
  • Social Media Fake Information Detection & Verification – Unit 15

Module 5

Module 6

Email Tracking & Verification

  • Email Technology & Reading Email Headers – Unit 16
  • Email Scams, Email Verification & Search Queries – Unit 17

News Content Verification - Methods, Tools & Techniques

  • News Information Source & News Bias Detection – Unit 18
  • Fake News Detection & News Verification Methods – Unit 19

Module 7

Module 8

Online Videos, Photos & Images Verification

  • Online Videos Authentication & Evidence Management – Unit 20
  • Identifying Video Edits, Tampering & Manipulations – Unit 21

Fake Websites & Web Content Pages Verification

  • Websites & Web Content Verifications – Unit 22
  • Identifying Fakes in Website Content Pages - Unit 23

Module 9

Module 10

Online Background Checks & Assets Verification

  • Private & Public Information, Source & Reports - Unit 24
  • International Money Laundering Schemes & Foreign Assets Detection - Unit 25


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CIRS Exam Guidance

Certification FAQs

CIRS Syllabus


Become a Certified Internet Research Specialist

Study Time: Approx. 8 to 12 hrs Per week Over 8 weeks
Assesssment: 120 Minutes Multiple Choice Exam
Resources: Video Video Library, Slides, Practice Exercises, Q & A Workbook

Our Courses

Study Online & Become a Certified Online Research Professional

Networks Technology, Browser and Search Engine Technology, Advanced Research Methods, Techniques & Advanced Search Queries - with Boolean Notations and Symbols, Data Collection Methods, Business of Research, Legal Research, Online Information Verifications, Social Media Information Verification, Online Video Clips Tampering Detection & Verifications, Online News & News Story Verifications, Background Checks, Assets Discovery & Money Trail Verifications, Email Spams & Scams, Fake Websites & Web Content Verification– choose your area of interest. Find what course works best for you.

Become a Research Professional

Benefits of CIRS Certification

Our flagship certification called CIRS® [Certified Internet Research Specialists] is by far the only professional credentials that meets this challenge.

Professional Credibility

An undertaking by the CIRS qualified research specialists ties you to abide by the AIRS “Professional Code of Conduct” delivered a level of confidence.

Industry Validation

AIRS Certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for Online Research. Become a CIRS Certified & gain professional recognition necessary to demonstrate your skills.

Career Outlook

The future of the certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS) is a bright one. Find out if getting your CIRS Certification is the right choice for you.

How Strong are your
Research Skills?
Try CIRS Online Exam 24/7

The CIRS® Course Specification, is based on two broad segments or domains (Part-I/II) that glues the course curriculum together. Students can take both segments together or separately.

  1. Professional Online Research – Part I [CIRS® Training Guide - Vol. 1]
  2. Investigative Online Research – Part II [CIRS® Training Guide - Vol. 2]

Both exam segments consist of 120 multiple choice questions – or 60 exam questions for each segment. The exam can be taken online at anytime from anywhere where Internet access is available. This is a closed book exam therefore we strictly prohibit use of any reference material during the exam. In order to pass the CIRS Certification Exam students must provide correct answers score of at least 75% correct answers per segment (Part-I and Part-II).

Certified Internet Research Specialists (CIRS)

“The First of its kind, a Gold Standard Certification for Practitioners of Online Research”

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AIRS is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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