CIRS Practice Exam

Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS) Practice Exam

Welcome to Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS)® Practice Exam. Please read all the instructions carefully! 

  • Total Questions : 90
  • Total Time : 90 Minutes
  • Per Question Time : 1 Minute
  • Passing Score : 75% 


  1. Please close all chat, screen-saver and anti-virus programs before starting the test as they might interfere with your test experience.
  2. Do not press 'F5' during the test at any time as doing so will cause your test to finish abruptly.
  3. If your test has any section which has a time limit of its own, you will be able to attempt that section only once and cannot return to it. You will be warned when you want to exit each section.
  4. Important: In case your test suddenly shuts off due to power supply being disconnected you can restart from where you left off (with your previous answers saved) within a few minutes.
  5. You need to follow the same steps to start your test as now and use the same login to access from the members dashboard.
  6. These questions are in no way a guarantee for appearing in actual examination of CIRS testing patform.
  7. Do not print or copy or take pictures of any of the questions presented in this sample exams. The questions are rotated and shuffled from a larger pool and therefore may appear in different sequences within each section.

 Good Luck!

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