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Background & Assets Verification

Certificate of Proficiency in Background & Assets Verification (COP)

This coursebook is developed as a Self-Study Training Guide and will serve to assist you in preparing for the Online Background Checks & Assets Verification Certification of Subject Proficiency Exam.

Today, more and more writers and journalists are turning to the Internet as the first source of information when doing research for their assignments. However, research on the Internet is very different from traditional library research, and the differences can cause problems. Perhaps these issues are primarily the credibility of information and second are the lack of web search skills, especially where precision search techniques are required. In this course we will teach how to build “Precision Search Queries” to find information from news, forums, social media and online data sources. The students will learn different techniques, methods and use of research tools to verify, authenticate and validate information content of the Internet and its sources.


Examination Syllabus - Detailed Topics

By earning this certification, you will be able to learn:

  • Public Records and Public Information
    • What’s in Your Public Record?
  • Private Information
    • Information Excluded from the Public Record
    • Criminal Investigations Are Not Public Records
    • Certain Government Records Are Considered Confidential or Private
      • Social Welfare Information
      • Social Security Numbers (SSN)
      • Income Tax ID Number (ITIN) or TIN’s (Tax ID Numbers)
      • Tax Information
      • School Records
      • Medical Records and Health Information
      • Unauthorized Credit Check
  • The Public Records on the Internet


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