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COP in Network and Internet Technology

Certificate of Proficiency in Networks and Search Engine Technology (COP)

This module will provide you an understanding of how the Internet connect and work. They will learn the fundamentals of electronic information transfers and communications, web pages storage and Indexing, and browser technology and their differentiation with search engines.

The Internet is a collection of connected networks. While the Internet’s network is at the core of making the web pages visible, it contains hypertext links to connect users to these pages. The search engine stores billions of web pages on their server; these servers can be in any location throughout the World. Every Web page has a name attached to it so that browsers, and you, can find it. The knowledge of how these pages are indexed (stored) and reached via web browsers is useful to online researchers when they apply search queries in finding relevant information pages. 


Examination Syllabus

Networks & Internet Technology

  • How are the networks designed?; and 
  • What are their hardware and software components?
  • How the information and data travel between networks?
  • How do the different networks make the Internet?
  • Internet Browsers and Web Applications.
    • Web Applications Vs Desktop and Mobile Applications.
    • Websites Development and Hosting of Websites by ISP’s.
    • Online Applications Database Vs Search Engine “Textual Database”.



Internet Browser & Search Engines

  • Connecting with web pages of web domains.
  • Structure of the Hyperlinks or URL’s
  • How the browsers work? And what are the different components and structure of a browser?
  • How are the Browsers different from the Search Engines?
  • How the Search Engines work? And what are the various components of a search engine that responds to search queries to deliver the most relevant search results for the users? – Concepts and components discussed:
    • Web Crawlers, Robots and Bots
    • Search Engine Algorithms
    • Web pages Indexing by Search Engines, Search Queries and the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages)
    • Search Result Snippets (Title, Description and URL address) Explained.


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CIRS Exam Guidance

What will you learn?

By earning this certification, you will be able to learn:

Concept Discussion in this Course

On completion of this module you should be able to connect, correlate and comprehend the basic concepts of:

The Networks and Internet Data Communications.

The Web Applications and Remote Web Servers in Client and Server Arrangements.

Web Pages Storage and Indexing.

Search and Retrieval of Web Pages by Search Engines.

Browser Technology and their Differentiation with Search Engines.

Questions Addressd

What makes an Internet?

What makes a Network? and how do they communicate with each other?

Where does the Information reside and in what form it exists?

What is a Search Engine? And how does it work?

What is a Web Browser and how does it work?

Why is a Search Engine different from a Browser?

What are Web Application and Web Pages? And what are the technology that makes them work?

Easier to Understand

Makes it easier to understand the technical terminology often used when reading about Internet technology.

Help to Better Understand
Learning Data Communication

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