Online News – Detection & Verification of Fakes & Bias

Online News Verification - Detection of Fake & Bias in News Content

This course is designed to teach  News Content Verification - Methods, Tools & Techniques. The exposure of citizens to a large-scale digitized web content is not only difficult to search but its greatest challenge is to tackle disinformation, including misleading or outright false information. A broad set of actions to tackle the spread and impact of online bias, disinformation  and fake content is evolving and improving; however, today both the digital news and social networks are trusted by a large cross-section of academics, students, scholars, historians, journalists, content writers, professionals like lawyers, investigators, insurance companies, actuaries and analysts. This course is customized to teach news search queries, source verification and authentication of content types (images and video files) and time-date stamp and geo-locations of its origin. Another segment of the course teaches bias detection and tools to counter fakes news.
Online News Verification

Examination Syllabus - Detailed Topics

By earning this certification, you will be able to learn:


The content researched from digital news and newspaper archives is being used by a large cross-section of researchers. These include academics, students, scholars, historians, journalists, content writers, professionals like lawyers, investigators, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, actuaries, economists and analysts. It is important for the students to learn about various types of news reports and its source.

A biased news media effects the perception of truth. It sways public opinion that influences research results. Therefore, the outcome of a biased media is manipulation. It encourages ignorance and emotion over understanding and considered action. Because a biased media could be the factor that influences any number of outcomes it is important that a researcher understands types of bias, and learn to filter out biased news from a non-biased.

Topics Covered

  • Advantages of News as Information Source
    • Types of News Sources
      • News Reports
      • On-the-record
      • Off-the-record
      • Attribution vs Non-Attribution
      • Anonymous Source
      • Expert Opinion
      • Leaks, Media Scandals Etc.


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