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COP in News Verification

Certificate of Proficiency in News Content Verification - Methods, Tools & Techniques (COP)

This coursebook is developed as a Self-Study Training Guide and will serve to assist you in preparing for the News Content Verification - Methods, Tools & Techniques Certification of Subject Proficiency Exam.

Often for research work, the News or News Stories and online published News Articles are perceived to be of less information value compared to books or research papers and professional journals. Mainly because they are more reliable and considered peer-reviewed, vetted information source. Up to a certain degree, this is true; however, in comparison, the News has unique qualities that make them stand out. For instance, when we are to research events or incidents within a certain date the news and its archives can serve as a primary source of information about historical and current events. And, because newspapers also contain commentaries, opinions or retrospective articles about events, they can also serve as a secondary source of information.


Examination Syllabus

This Module has two (2) units

News Information Source & News Bias Detection

Learn to track emailers origin and other information such as mailer server names DNS, sender locations with IP addresses.

Topics Covered

  • Email Technology – How Emails are Sent and Received?
  • Identification of various Email Messaging Components revealed inside “Email Header”.
  • Identifying Legit Email Messaging Servers.



Fake News Detection & News Verification Methods

Topics Covered

  • Email Origin Verification Methods and Examining Tools
    • Email Header Sorter and Organizer Tool.
    • Examining a Phishing Email
    • Email Header MTA Servers “Email Hops/Path Analysis Tool”.
    • Email Servers Reputation Intelligence Tool.
    • Spamming Reputation and Authority Checking Tools.
    • Third Party Tools to Check DNS, Location and IP’s.
    • Tools for Checking Random/Temporary Email Address
  • Email Search Queries with Advanced Google Search Operators

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