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AIRS Membership

What is AIRS Membership?

AIRS membership signifies that you are dedicated towards your profession as an online researcher.

  • You are interested in upgrading your professional development and like to learn more about the industry you like to get introduced to other dedicated professionals just like yourself.
  • Your membership also highlights this dedication to potential employers, clients, and others, giving you an edge in the professional's market.
  • It also provides you with access to education and certification; a valuable AIRS knowledge base and other resources that help you improve and advance. Learn more about the benefits of membership.
Become an AIRS member

Types of Membership

AIRS Association has two types of Memberships basically.
Associate Membership
$5/Month $60 /Year
  • >> 20% Discounts on
    • E-Shop Products
    • Education Material
    • Webinars
    • Seminars
    • Live Classes
    • Examination Vouchers
    • Unlimited Online Practice Exam Simulations
  • >> Unlimited Online Practice Exam Simulations
  • >> Get Lists of 1500 PLUS Specialized Search Engines
  • >> 1000's of Research Papers & Videos Library
  • >> Over 10,000 Link Library of Web Directories
  • >> Access of Videos Library
  • >> Contribute and View Articles, Blogs
  • >> Connect with fellow members instantly
  • >> Become part of the AIRS Members Directory
  • >> Participate in AIRS Knowledge Share Network
  • >> Exclusive job referrals privileges
  • >> Have your say on AIRS policy matters & professional committees
Certified Membership
Free /Year
  • >> Associate Members Qualify for Certified Membership after Passing the CIRS Examination.
  • >> All the benefits of Associate Membership
  • >> Greater Professional Recognition
  • >> Preferred "Work References"
  • >> Participation in various AIRS committees
  • >> Direct reach to Board of Directors
  • >> Opportunity to work on AIRS Research Projects
  • >> Become part of Exclusive Certified Member Directory
  • >> View and bid for work on AIRS JOBS Portal

AIRS Exclusive Membership Package Included

Discount for members

20% Discounts on E-Shop Purchases

Members Discounts on E-Shop Products, Education Material, Webinars, Seminars, Live Classes, Examination Vouchers

Authorized Use Of AIRS Logo

Authorized Use Of AIRS Logo & Professional Affiliation

AIRS members can use "AIRS Associate Members Logo" to be the recognized as a mark of professional affiliation with AIRS. [Digital Downloads]

CIRS Practice Exams

CIRS Practice Exams

CIRS Practice Questions Online to succeed in passing the examination. A library of over 500 questions to ensure you succeed.

Membership Wallet Card

Membership Wallet Card

Get exclusive Membership Card with Membership No. plus digitized members data barcode and Members Professional Designation of Associate Member. [Digital Downloads]

3 Steps to Become AIRS Associate Member

The first step to accessing full AIRS services is to become a member. A membership registration form needs to be filled in with your personal and professional information. The system generates a unique password and user ID which will be your gateway to a wide variety of services that AIRS has to offer.
Get Registered at AIRS

Step 1 - Get Registered

This form requires information in 5 parts.

  • Your Personal Information
  • Business and Professional Information
  • Education Information
  • Experience & Work Background
  • Billing Information
Make Payment

Step 2 - Make Payment

Membership Fee US$60 (One Time Fee Gets You Started)

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • Visa Debit
  • Western Union

Follow the simple payment process to complete your registration process.

Check your Email

Step 3 - Check your Email

  • You will immediately be notified access instructions via email.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email and payment receipt for your order.
  • On completing the registration process, you will get your MEMBERSHIP ID, an access to AIRS MEMBER privilege and Members Discounts on E-Shop Products, Education Material, Webinars, Seminars, Live Classes, Examination Vouchers.

Questions About AIRS Membership

Why become a member?
  • AIRS membership highlights your recognizing that the Internet Research is an acquired skill when performing serious research. For many, that are already in the field of Knowledge Management, Information Analysis and Professional Research, their membership shows a higher level of dedication towards improving on Digital Media Research Skills.
  • AIRS membership comes with many benefits. Members Discounts on E-Shop Products, Education Material, Webinars, Seminars, Live Classes, Examination Vouchers, you will have full access to AIRS Knowledge Base that increases your subject knowledge of Internet Search Techniques, Search Engines Technology and Internet Laws. A member can view, submit and share articles, blogs, links, and video files. A member's forum serves to share and exchange information, ideas, solve industry problems and highlight industry issues.  
  • If you recognize the complexities of finding just the right information with Internet Search and like to learn more about the subject in a structured manner, then, AIRS membership is just the right step to get you going. 
What is included in the Associate Membership Package?
How do I apply for Associate Membership?

What Our Members are Saying?

Meet Our Board of Directors

Naveed ManzoorFounder & CEO
Mr. Manzoor is an experienced Information Technology professional with expertise in “Search Engines Technology Development”.
Chris WesleyDirector - Course Developmet
Chris has been an educator for the past 35 years.
Rangani RanasingheCertification & Examination Board
Rangani has a background in research working in both quantitative and qualitative research studies.
Jay BrownBoard Member - Advisor Data Analytic
Jay is an accomplished hands-on Data Analyst, Business Analyst and IT Project Management.

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AIRS is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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