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Boolean Search Tips

Boolean searches rely on specific modifiers to help you find results more closely related to the types of profiles you need to find. You can build search strings in the Keywords, Title, Name and Company fields. The modifiers you can include in Recruiter are quotes, parenthesis, AND, OR and NOT...

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Recruit Use Boolean Logic

Boolean modifiers help you narrow or expand your keyword searches to help find results more closely related to the types of profiles you need to find. the modifiers you can include in search strings are and, or, and not, quotes, and parentheses. you can build search strings in the keywords, title, name, and company fields.

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Boolean Search Secrets For Becoming a Master Recruiter

Recruiting has changed a lot in the past 10 years. Gone are the days where you would find candidates by collecting a drawer of resumes, scouring job boards and/or running a few simple Boolean searches. In today’s market, IT jobs are plentiful and the top candidates aren’t waiting around for your call. That’s why you need to become a Boolean search master to get access to untapped talent resources.

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The Importance Of The Boolean Search Query In Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are many social media monitoring tools available and it is hard to choose software that will best fit your needs. One feature that is often overlooked in product data sheets or reviews of social monitoring tools, is how robust the functionality is that sets the criteria for which social mentions to collect. A tool with a powerful Boolean search query feature will provide not only flexibility for varied types of monitoring, but allows precision that saves time and money from not having to waste effort to weed through irrelevant results...

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