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The State of Affairs in Internet of Things Research

With the Internet of Things (IoT) being a new research area, the work that is going on worldwide in this field is disjoint. The picture is not clear on who is doing what and where, thus making it difficult not only for newcomers into this field to define their space and also engage with potential collaboration partners, but also for the relatively established researchers as well to gain the necessary support in their work. There is a massive increase in the amount of data that is generated globally. This data is traditionally generated by a number of different autonomous devices. The IoT is about interfacing these autonomous devices to communicate without human intervention and generate integrated data. Intelligence is then required to process this integrated data and make it available to the humans for decision-making. If advantage is to be taken of IoT technologies, the need therefore arises to gain sufficient information that will be an impetus to further research on IoT and open the way to collaborations among the various researchers. This paper documents the international research that is going on in the area of IoT. It shows the main role players and the research territory they operate in. It also documents future research trends. The question that this research answers therefore is, “Who are the main role players in IoT research internationally, in which research space do they operate and how their work is shaping the future of IoT research?” The research is a qualitative study. A number of IoT conferences that have been held since 2008 when the first IoT conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland were identified. From the conference programs, contact details of individuals who had submitted papers or participated were identified. Emails were sent to the various stakeholders requesting information on their institutions, areas of application of IoT research and projects they were working on. Responses received also pointed to websites and publications which were then sampled to extract the relevant information. Preliminary results show that the European Union leads the pack in IoT research. Also, worldwide, institutions tend to specialise in particular aspects of IoT. Predominantly, it is the universities that are involved in IoT research as opposed to private sector institutions. Iot Research is a multidisciplinary field

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Internet of Things: Smart Things

Research study on the Internet of Things and Smart Things has been going on for more than a decade and reaches back to Mark Weiser’s original dream of ubiquitous computing. Bruce Sterling recently popularized the idea of Smart Objects and the IoT. Smart Things is another paradigm shift in IT world. Smart Things are the things that are having embedding smartness or intelligence, identification, automation, monitoring and controlling calibre. Smart Things are assisting human life a lot, nowadays without their applications life is becoming cumbersome. This paper exhibits systematically on Internet, Things, and then explores on Internet of Things and finally Smart Things from researchers’, and corporate’s perspective. Moreover, this article focuses on the state of Smart Things and its applications. This in turn would help the new researchers, who want to do research in this IoT domain.

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Privacy in the Internet of Things: Threats and Challenges

The Internet of Things paradigm envisions the pervasive interconnection and cooperation of smart things over the current and future Internet infrastructure. The Internet of Things is, thus, the evolution of the Internet to cover the real-world, enabling many new services that will improve people’s everyday lives, spawn new businesses and make buildings, cities and transport smarter. Smart things allow indeed for ubiquitous data collection or tracking, but these useful features are also examples of privacy threats that are already now limiting the success of the Internet of Things vision when not implemented correctly. These threats involve new challenges such as the pervasive privacy-aware management of personal data or methods to control or avoid ubiquitous tracking and profiling. This paper analyzes the privacy issues in the Internet of Things in detail. To this end, we first discuss the evolving features and trends in the Internet of Things with the goal of scrutinizing their privacy implications. Second, we classify and examine privacy threats in this new setting, pointing out the challenges that need to be overcome to ensure that the Internet of Things becomes a reality.

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Internet-of-Things (IOT) Resources 2017

(IOT) Resources 2017 is a comprehensive listing of Internet-of-Things (IOT) research resources and sites available on the Internet. These resources are designed to be your IOT Research Library and to give you the latest and greatest Internet-of-Things research resources available from the Internet. This Internet-of-Things (IOT) Research has been created by Internet guru and expert Marcus P. Zillman who is the Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library and is designed specifically for use on iPads, iPhone, Androids, Smart Phones, and netbooks/laptops. Start the New Economy and your Internet Future with this excellent and freely available IOT research resource!! Updates to this are powered by Subject Tracer™ Information Bots (STIB). Visit the site direct at:

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Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in a “smart home” context

The history of smart homes has its source and roots in building and home automation. Today (2013), the home automation area offers remote and timer control of systems and embedded devices such as light, heating, ventilation, entertainment systems, appliances, etc., to improve comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, and security. However, the element of autonomous behavior is lacking, this is where the smart homes come into play....

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An Internet of Things Approach for Managing Smart Services Provided by Wearable Devices

Modern society is looking for user-friendly aiding systems, able not only to remotely monitor the health of the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases, but also to find a safe and efficient routine to practice some sport or single exercises in an outdoor or indoor environment (such as gymnasium), in order to improve each person’s level of fitness and health. In this context, Internet of Things (IoT)-related systems are able to bring solutions.

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Network Security Issues in The Internet of Things (IoT)

This paper surveys a broad range of other research works in order to discuss network security issues in the Internet of Things (IoT). We begin with setting the scene generally with an outline of IoT, followed by a discussion of IoT layer models and topologies. After this, IoT standardization efforts and protocols are analysed, before we discuss in depth vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigations with regard IoT. It is concluded that ample research and narrative exists for protocols and vulnerabilities but less on mitigations, particularly with regard Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) for IoT, and resource constraints on devices are a considerable obstacle in strengthening security.

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