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The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher: An Insider’s History of Electronic Publishing

By Chris Andrews

"This new edition of Andrews’ 1993 CD-ROM publishing industry memoir is a rare peak behind the scenes of a truly creative business. Andrews worked for many of the pioneering companies in the field, and in almost every genre, from library databases to business technical documentation to developing mulitmedia edutainment. The well-written book is filled with interesting personalities and important events in the history of a so far poorly documented but very important era of technical and cultural development." —The Editors at Amazon.com

"…you soon discover through Andrews’ candid style that you have been enthusiastically introduced, via stories, to the pioneers of CD-ROM and a great deal of technical information. …I would recommend it for all libraries—even the public library, where it may help the general reader to discover that a library career may lead in different and interesting directions." —Dr. Karen Takle Quin, in Special Libraries Association journal


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