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Author: Robert Berkman


Choosing and Using a News Alert Service

by Robert Berkman

"One of the most comprehensive sources I have seen for sources for news. It looks at free, cheap, and premium news alert services and has some comparison charts to show what different sources are covered in some of the services. It looks like great resource come contract renewal time." –Carolyn Ruby-Weilage, Research Librarian

In the age of the Internet, 24-hour cable news, and globalization, what counts the most for many researchers and news users, particularly business news users, is how quickly they are alerted to important breaking news. There are dozens of competing firms that offer an e-mail-based news alert service. But how to know which one is best? This comprehensive new guide explains how these tools work and then identifies, compares, and evaluates more than two dozen free, inexpensive, and fee-based alert services. It not only helps you pick the right one, but also advises how to get the most out of the news alert once you begin the service. A detailed appendix also compares specific news source coverage for the major news alert vendors.


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