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Creating Web-Accessible Database: Case Studies for Libraries, Museums, And Other Non-Profits

Edited by Julie M. Still

Libraries, museums, and other not-for-profit institutions are increasingly looking for ways to offer patrons and the public Web access to their collections. However, taking a collection of files or a database and transforming them into a searchable, usable Internet resource is not always an easy task. This new book by the editor of The Library Web explores the unique challenges nonprofit archival institutions face in leveraging the Internet and presents one dozen case studies showcasing a variety of successful projects and approaches.

“The book reads like an ongoing discussion between two friends over lunch, which makes this work a must-have for Web developers of all levels. … The focus on the process of creation rather than the mechanics makes it appropriate for someone just beginning to think about a Web project, as well as for those in the midst of or at the end of a project.” —JASIST


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