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Author: Eric Popkoff

The internet itself is a vast highway without visible road signs. This book provides the roadmap to navigate the internet successfully, efficiently and quickly, to find the information needed. With examples that are easy to understand by even the 'technologically impaired', you will be able to surf the internet for any details, publications, or information that you need. This indispensable resource will become a handy reference book for everyone's library, regardless of their current internet research abilities. The topics covered include: the history of the internet - Where did it come from and how did it evolve into its current form?; methods of searching - How to complete an effective search using any type of search engine?; search engines - How do they differ from each other and why the most popular ones are generally the wrong choice in search engines?; and, the invisible web - Why the web's least known element is vital to understand and to use in order to conduct effective research? In today's complex world there is a definitive need for internet research that goes beyond simple 'googling'. Those who possess such skills will have a tremendous advantage over friends and colleagues who are unaware of these cutting edge, tips and strategies showing the correct way to conduct internet research. Knowing the secrets to perform effective internet research will have a profound effect on readers' abilities to collect important information for both their personal and business use.

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